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05-22-05, 09:25 am
I know a lady in New Orleans Louisiana that needs to find homes for some of her animals. She has been over her head for a while and the health department has now contacted her due to a tip-off they received.

I'm certain that they need some TLC to get them back into shape. This lady does have the animals best intentions at heart but as I said she has gotten in over her head and care may have been slipping.

If there is any interest I will be happy to get to her house take pictures and get some history and make a general health evaluation on the animals. I am also willing to transport the animals at least part way for her to get them to new homes.

These are the animals in need...

1 male Guinea Pig - very old man - changing her mind and now wants to "bring him inside and keep him"...I may be able to get him out if someone is willing to give this very old man a great home.

2 male rabbits
#1 - male rabbit - Davis brother or Farris, white/ red eyes, new zealand/dwarf mix, gentle /shy .smallish under 1 year unneutered

#2male rabbit - Farris brother of Davis, tawney orange color, active, friendly dark eyes, smallish new zealand/dwarf mix unneautered

female rabbit - name ?, saw mother killed by dogs, traumatized from experiance, home with no dogs, white red eyes, medium, very shy, unaltered

I will be trying to get her to give up more animals also. I would take them in to foster myself but I am out of room at the moment. There is a chance I may take the male rabbits but if I do they would have to be housed outdoors and I would rather get them into a home. I believe the rabbits are all kept outdoors have fleas and are rather dirty but I am led to understand that they are in otherwise in good health and body condition. I do not know how/where the Guinea Pig is kept....I have a feeling it is outside most likely living with a rabbit...I know I know...I have tried to get her to keep the pigs and rabbits seperate. She won't do it.

Anyone interested can contact me here (on Cavy Cages)or through email [email protected] I can put people who contact me in direct contact with the owner.

Please feel free to crosspost this on other forums.

Daisy Duke
05-22-05, 09:40 am
I wish I lived in Loiusianna, but I don't. So goodluck!