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little loz
12-19-11, 10:02 am
hiyya my name is lauren and i have a guinea pig called charlie :)

12-19-11, 10:05 am
Welcome to the forumn! The people on this site are very friendly here, and offer useful tips! Do you have a C&C cage? Also, Charlie looks so cute! :)

12-19-11, 10:30 am
hello I am going to be getting my guinea pigs next week

little loz
12-19-11, 10:36 am
thanks for making me welcome and i got my cage from the pet shop by where i live lol i dont no if its a c&c cage sorry

do u no anyway i can find out does it say on the cage or anything ?

12-19-11, 10:38 am
C&C cages do not have any specified logo, but they are grid cages that you will see ALOT of on this site. You probably do not have one, but that's okay! :) You may decide to buy one later in the future if you like them. Welcome to the forumn!

little loz
12-19-11, 10:41 am
lol i dont think i have one but it dont matter hehe xx

12-19-11, 10:41 am
Little loz, if you bought a cage from a pet store, it's very likely too small for a guinea pig. Click on the Home button above for information on how much space guinea pigs need and what C&C cages are. Possibly you can take the pet store cage back and get the materials for a C&C cage.

12-19-11, 10:41 am
Look into C&C cages they are awesome! So much room for the piggies to roam and get exercise, and per the square foot they are a TON cheaper!! I built a huge cage for the same price as 1 small pet store cage. The extra space keeps them healthier and happier. Most people on this site end up using their old pet store cages as litter boxes after they make a C&C for their guinea pigs. =D Check out the information on the home page of this site: Guinea Pig Cages, Your Cavy At Home (http://www.guineapigcages.com/)

Welcome to the forum! Post some pictures of your guinea baby.

12-19-11, 10:48 am
As soon as I get my C&C set up, I am using my old pet store cage base as his "glorified litter box" as they say :p

little loz
12-19-11, 10:50 am
lol thanks for the info guys i will look into it thanks for a great welcome to the fourm

12-19-11, 11:02 am
You're welcome, good luck researching a C&C cage! :)

little loz
12-19-11, 11:10 am
lol thanks x :)