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05-22-05, 02:27 am
I've been wanting a rabbit for a while. I won't be able to get one till quite a while, but just so I know here are my ideas of how it'll live. I want it to live free range in my room, and just be locked in its cage at night. I'd leave the door open during the day so it can wonder in and out. Since it'll just be it's bed and where it's food & water from - how big should I make it? I don't want to make it too big, and not too small. Also, I'll probably be keeping some of my guinea pigs in my room so I want to have some space left for me to walk about! Of course I won't let them interact with the rabbit at all though. How do you litter train a rabbit? I've been told rabbits are nasty and I shouldn't get one.. so that's putting me off a little...

05-22-05, 06:52 am
Aww. Not all rabbits are nasty.. I find them much more affectionate than guinea pigs. One way of showing affection is giving you a little nip. (I know weird!) But you can teach them not to do that. I keep my rabbits outside so I do not know how to litter train them but I know it is possible.

The size of the cage depends on what size rabbit you want. I would personally say for a small rabbit you could have a 2x4 or a 3x4 with three levels. Rabbits love to jump and having different levels with give them exercise!

Slap Maxwell
05-22-05, 10:24 am
For a good sized rabbit I would say at least a 3x3 or 3x4. For a dwarf, maybe a 2x4. They definetilly need around three levels. Coroplast should go on the ouside of the grids.

Daisy Duke
05-22-05, 01:26 pm
Here is a good picture of a good rabbit cage. http://www.cavycages.com/photos/showphoto.php?photo=2131&password=&sort=1&size=medium&cat=531&page=2

05-22-05, 02:10 pm
from what i have heard and what i found with my rabbit, its easy to litter train them. you have to be really diligent at first but it gets easier after about a week or so. first of all see where they naturally tend to go pee in the cage (it should be in a corner) then put a litter box there. mine tended to pee in the litter box but poop every where else so just whenever you notice they've gone in the wrong area move it into the litter box. sounds kind of gross but if your rabbits healthy it shouldnt be runny or anything so not that hard...if your letting them go free range i might keep them in the cage more often than not for the first little bit so they get used to using the litter box (or else you might have a right mess on your hands).

05-22-05, 02:50 pm
Here are some websites on rabbit condos: http://www.morfz.com/nic.html

Here are links to rabbit care (including litter training): http://homepage.mac.com/mattocks/morfz/rabcare.html

Rabbits are prey animals and most will require that you earn their trust; but once you do they are wonderful.

Spayed/neutered rabbits are easier to litter train (and there are many other benefits to getting your rabbit fixed). I would reccomend adopting from a shelter or rescue as most rabbits will come already fixed and you will be saving a life. There are also tons of breeds, sizes, colors, and personalities available.

I think a 2 x 4 with at least two levels will be fine, since the rabbit will be out all day.

Daisy Duke
05-22-05, 04:00 pm

05-23-05, 03:07 am
wow thanks! You're all very helpful! The type of rabbit I was thinking of getting was a mini lop.. though me and my mum have taken an interest in rex rabbits too. Do rabbits have to live in pairs like guinea pigs do? I doubt I'll be able to get a rabbit for quite a while yet - definately not before September. It'll be good to plan ahead though.

Emily F.
05-23-05, 05:28 am
Rabbits are not nasty, I have one. My rabbit is much more affectionate than my guinea pig, by far. My rabbit is also litter trained, all I did is keep working a few times every day put the rabbit in the letter box, and the rabbit at first will jump out, but don't give up.

05-23-05, 05:56 am
I have a mini rex. I decided on a mini rex because of their personality and fur. They are Sooooo soft, like velvet. I have a 4 1/2 year old so it was important to me to find a breed that would be well suited to a child. He is perfect for her. He loves to play and will sit still for petting and loves to snuggle. He loves playing 'tag' with my daughter. She thinks it's the best thing next to 'the veggie tales'! I have a big ball on our deck when I let him outside he loves to push the ball around - back and forth, back and forth - nudging it with his nose.

05-23-05, 07:19 am
A mini rex sounds cool! I wanted a lop because of their size, and a rex because of the feel of their fur. So maybe it would be perfect for me! Are they a little rare though?

05-23-05, 08:26 am
A mini rex sounds cool! I wanted a lop because of their size, and a rex because of the feel of their fur. So maybe it would be perfect for me! Are they a little rare though?

No, they aren't rare. I got mine from a breeder, although it is preferred to adopt from a shelter. I didn't know that you could get rabbits in a shelter when I got 'puppy'. My mini rex is a bit smaller than my lop. My minirex is 5-6lbs and cute as a button. Check out my pictures! I love snuggling him because he's like one of those really soft stuffed animals you can get from the toy store. There is also virtually no care needed with their fur because it is so short. He does shed but not nearly as much as my lop who's hair is all over everything - just like a cat.

I luv my buns!

05-28-05, 03:59 pm
I have two mini rexes....I love them so much they are great!

Here are some pics of them:

05-28-05, 04:54 pm
They look sooo incredibly cute! You know, now I'm going to be bugging my parents for weeks, hehehe!

Daisy Duke
05-28-05, 06:40 pm
Awwww.. .they are so cute.

05-28-05, 07:37 pm
I have a mini rex as well and I just love him to pieces! HE is so soft and loving. He has the best personality. See my pics.

05-29-05, 07:46 am
he's sooo cute too!!

Daisy Duke
05-29-05, 08:07 am
I like the black one.

05-31-05, 07:54 am
I've just cleaned my room and got rid of loadsa stuff that was taken up loads of space... and as I'm going to be putting three guinea pigs in my room, I don't think I'll have enough space for a rabbit :o( plus I also already have a hedgehog in there. My room isn't that big, it's medium size I'd say. But it is the smallest room in the house. Its annoying that I have the smallest when I have loads of animals to care for :o( but I am the youngest so I got the smallest.

05-31-05, 07:55 am
I like the black one.
He's my favourite too :o)

06-01-05, 10:40 am
I want it to live free range in my room, and just be locked in its cage at night. I'd leave the door open during the day so it can wonder in and out.
Just remember you will have to rabbit-proof everything in your room. They will chew on your furniture, your baseboards, electrical cords, and basically anything in sight. Also you can litterbox train them to pee in one spot, but they will poo everywhere. So you will have to sweep out underneath your bed and furniture on a regular basis. Honestly the only way I'd have a free range bun is if they had their own room to destroy that I didn't care about.

I had two rabbits at one point and they do require a lot of work, more than guinea pigs and most other "pocket" pets. Their pee smell is strong and I had to clean out their litterboxes and cages daily. They shed a lot and I had to vacuum their C&C cage out constantly. Just be prepared to do a lot of cleaning because rabbits can be a lot of work!

Finally it must be said that spaying/neutering rabbits is NOT cheap. It will be upwards of $175 per bun, and it can be hard to find adoptable buns who are already fixed. If you live in a large city, it may be easier, but here where I live, very few people fix their rabbits because the mentality is "It's a $5 pet, why would I spend $175 to fix it?" So be prepared to drop a load of cash to spay or neuter your bunny and find a good vet who has experience doing it. I always advocate fixing rabbits, because it increases their lifespan and also makes them better pets.

07-21-05, 11:51 pm
I think it really depends on the bun you get. I have a Rex- which requires almost no grooming- and you aren't vacuuming up hair everywhere. And- I've never heard from anyone else that they can't be trained not to poo everywhere. I know tons of people who have them completely trained. As long as you clean the litterbox out- the urine smell shouldn't be a problem- noone who comes in my house thinks my bunny smells. The spay/neutering also depends on where you live. Here- it costs $45 to neuter a bunny, I don't know about spaying. I think my bun is the easiest pet ever- and I don't think you need too big of a cage if it's out most of the time. My bun is out whenever I'm home- I built her a big cage- but all she does is sleep in it- I never see her playing around in it. And- maybe I got lucky- but my bun doesn't chew everything. When I see her chewing things she shouldn't- I spritz her with a waterbottle, and give her a chew toy. I've had her 3 weeks- and she's already incredibly easy in every way.