View Full Version : Don`t they poop everywhere?

ms. piggie
05-21-05, 04:19 pm
Won`t the guinea pig poop everywhere during floor time? Assuming that they will, because that`s what they do in their cage, what do you guys do?
Do you just clean it up afterward? Or put a blanket down? Or WHAT?
I just don`t get it! Please explain! I mean, what exactly is floor time?
Do you do it in a pen, a single room, or the whole house? Won`t the pigs
get stuck under the couch or lost some where else? Don`t they run away?
Won`t they be terrified? Sorry for all the questions, i`m new to this.(obviously)
Thanks a ton!!:)

05-21-05, 04:29 pm
My pigs poop like crazy when they are out. I either hover up the poops or use the dustpan and brush. Floor time is basically when you bring your pigs out of their cage and let them run around the floor or in a run outside. You can use cubes to make a large pen or you can just let them loose in a room! I wouldn't give them free range of the house as it can be very dangerous.

When letting them free range in one room you will have to block of any areas where you do not want them going.. like behind a tv. You have to block off all electrical wires. They will probably be nervous to start with but they will get used to it.

05-21-05, 04:31 pm
Mine poop all the time. It gets annoying but the dog is our hoover.. apparently they are good for dogs to eat too! The main problem I have is them urinating on the carpet.. and the males rub their scent on the floor too and it stinks!

05-21-05, 06:43 pm
I think mine must be good little piggies, mine rarely poop during floortime. We have a large shower curtain over the main part of the floor and then we cover that with a few sheets of newspaper.

Daisy Duke
05-22-05, 08:45 am
Mine poop all of the time during floor time. They just fly out when they are running.

05-22-05, 09:29 am
I let mine out in my room for floortime, but they're pretty trained. They've got a litter tray that they make use of & although they don't always poop in it, they do poop around it. So my floor stays pretty clean (aside from wood shavings they kick out of the cage).

05-23-05, 09:58 am
Guinea pigs are like humans in the respect that they like to potty in private. Set up a little box inside a generously-sized hidey. They'll poop in there rather than on an open floor.

ms. piggie
05-26-05, 01:54 pm
ok thanks. I`ll try it.

05-27-05, 08:42 am
Set up a big cardboard box on a newspaper. Most of the poop and pee will go there, and it's easy to clean up and throw away afterwards.

08-03-05, 08:50 am
Before i bought the litter box I cut one side off of the top of a shoe box. Then, I covered the bottome with their bedding. They realized that the bedding was like their cage and they pooped in there.

08-03-05, 09:48 am
I don't know about all of others but when Cinnamon gets floor time with Coco, he keeps dragging his butt on the floor and leaving his scent. Stinky gross! They now do floortime in the kitchen instead of anywhere that has carpet.

08-03-05, 10:27 am
I have four males. I let them out in pairs because if I let them all out together they will scent constantly and the whole room will stink. They tend to urinate in a litter box or on towel rather than the floor. i only let them out in my bathroom. I used to let them run all over the apartment, but they just kept peeing all over the place. What part of the day do you guys do floor time? Are they more active at night or in the day?

08-03-05, 11:12 am
Since we are at work during the day, I let Cinnamon and Coco out at in the evening.

08-03-05, 11:27 am
I usually let mine out after midnight. I just wasnt sure if that was too late.

08-03-05, 01:11 pm
Anytime of the day or night is good for floortime. Try varying it up a little.

08-04-05, 07:35 am
I let my pigs out between 8am and 10am each morning, and between 5pm and 7pm in the evenings. They get their house hoovered out in the mornings, so they get anything from 1-2 hours out then. In the evenings, they get about 3 hours of floor time. I hoover the poops up with a hand-held vacuum each day, so it never starts to smell (unless, of course, Charlie been around wiping his bum everywhere...)

08-21-05, 11:40 am
My guinea pig always choose a special place in the room and cage to poop.

09-08-05, 10:06 pm
My Jack must be really good then, he lets me know when he has to go buy doing this deep, short, sqeaks and running in circles. He usuly deosn't have to go for about 30-45 minutes. Before I take him out I pet him in his cage and let him wakeup a little bit if he was sleeping. He does the same the if he has to go when he is in my arms! You just have to spend a LOT of time with them and you'll be able to tell happy sqeaks from the rest. : )

09-12-05, 12:08 pm
I just place some newspapers in a few different areas alond a wall near a corner and if they have to go while running around mine most of the time will go to one of the newspaper areas. I still have afew poos here and there but I haven't seen or found that they pee anywhere. Then I just roll up the paper and throw away.

The Magic Taco
09-12-05, 06:40 pm
I just pick it up after them. I am their slave! Yeah, mine do sometimes run under the tv or behind the couch, but now, what I do, I put books up or the magna-sketch up around the place and they wee. THE WEEEEEE!!! AAAARRRGHHHH! The filth!
(Be sure to have a roll of toilet paper at hand)

09-12-05, 07:09 pm
Too bad we could use the poop to fill "sand bags" and block water when we have floods. :) As much as they all poop, its got to be useful for Something.

09-12-05, 07:15 pm
I lay down 2 newspapers in the same corner every time ,The rest of the floor is carpet . They never go on the carpet unless one gets kicked on there , other than that they pee and poop in the same corner every time , plus I take one grid off their cage so they can go in and out as they please . I guess Im lucky too , I have very little clean up .

11-19-05, 06:39 am
My boys don't care where they poop!!! I just let my dogs in after them and the poop's gone in about 5 seconds! I just block off under things where I can't reach.

11-19-05, 08:05 am
We took 20 cube squares & zip-tied them together. We put it on a vinyl tablecloth, with fleece over the top. That way they can do whatever they want, whenever they want to & all I have to do is shake all their little beans out into the garden... they make the best fertilizer I've ever seen.

05-31-06, 10:31 pm
mine tooo
my mom hates it becasue once in a while when she is cleaning, she finds some dried up pieces of poop around the carpet.

06-02-06, 04:01 pm
Poo doesn't bother me it would be the pee in the carpet! Anyhow my crew is let out in the kitchen. I put down an old bedspread that I have cut a bit here and there to go aorund things for a better fit. I take it out, shake it out, and wash. No big deal.
A friend of mine said, "As clean as you are, I can't believe you let the guinea pigs out in the kitchen." I thought, well I don't prepare food or eat on the floor!

06-03-06, 02:42 am
I have two fleece blankets for their bedding in the cage, one in their cage and one so that i can put a fresh one in. The way I do floor time is by using a few extra grids to block off areas in my room they can't go. The fleece blankets are sized perfectly for the area of my room remaining when I block everything off. So, I take the clean one and lay it on the floor, throw down the grids, take them out, and clean their cage. When i'm done, they have a short moment in their quarantine cage while I set everything back up, and presto! floor time accomplished and cage cleaned.

I'm not as good as the rest of these cavy-lovers in that my pigs don't get nearly as much floor time as they should. Generally, I only take them out once or twice a week. I'm getting better though, and their cage is huge so they're happy little girls, regardless.

Oh, and you can train them to use litter boxes. A few of the ways have already been mentioned: provide only one covered area so it's the only private place to go or fill the box with the same bedding from their cage. The former doesn't work if your guineas don't mind going right out in the open (mine aren't shy at all), and the latter doesn't work if you use fleece (which i do). The only way i could potty train them is to set up a special kitchen area in their cage and get them used to that.

Becky cavy mad
06-03-06, 02:07 pm
I let my piggies run around my living room and dining room and they hardly poop at all.

06-05-06, 12:34 pm
I built a fence out of some spare grids so I can block off the part of the dining room they run in -- it's not a whole room, but it's about 3x the size of their cage. I put a cheap, flannel-backed, vinyl tablecloth down with a sheet on top, give them their hideys and their litterbox and hay, and they do just great! They do motor around on the carpet, but I have yet to find a stray "bean", and Rock has only peed on the carpet once. My carpet is so destroyed from the bunnies, it'll have to be replaced eventually anyway. The rabbits are just like furry termites...

06-09-06, 01:26 pm
I have a piggy playpen I got at walmart for 10.00.
I just put newspaper down and throw it out when they go back in their house.

06-16-06, 03:34 pm
The few times I have taken mine out for floor time, (only had them a week) they either hold it in for the 20-30 minutes or go in the corner of my room where I have their food and some newspapers down for this purpose and go there.

06-17-06, 06:13 pm
I do the same exact thing! I also put one of their litter boxes in the play pen filled with hay. They usually poop everywhere but they mostly pee in their litter box.

We took 20 cube squares & zip-tied them together. We put it on a vinyl tablecloth, with fleece over the top. That way they can do whatever they want, whenever they want to & all I have to do is shake all their little beans out into the garden... they make the best fertilizer I've ever seen.

06-18-06, 12:37 pm
when i get mine out to hold she'll start biting me or squeeling to let me no that she has to go, i think i got lucky? she also loves to lik me and my mom but noone else, shes so friendly!

07-27-06, 02:08 am
mine poop a lot. Lol.... we have them lose in a birds cage! lol