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12-11-11, 07:45 am
I am new here and to guinea pigs i will post a picture of them and their cage.1806418065
Please give suggestions

12-11-11, 08:07 am
that cage is really cool! I love the piggies too, they are cute!

12-11-11, 08:13 am
Huge cage!

I've only got a couple of suggestions. I'd make sure that pigloo and hidey in the top cage are kept in the middle of the back wall. Pigs have been known to launch themselves over the side of the cage from atop a hidey, and that would be a pretty serious fall.

I'd also ditch that log in the bottom -- probably has way too much sugar for them.

I can't tell from the picture -- do you have a ramp from one level to the other?

12-11-11, 09:29 am
Awesome cage. I find it difficult to name guinea pigs when I dont know their personalities... Maybe the brown one "peaches"?? Are they boys or girls?
Good luck with them and welcome to the forum!

12-11-11, 10:38 am

Yeah you are right I will change that.

I did ditch the log after I read a couple posts about it.

Yes I do! The OSB wood thing has a level in middle of the levels with a ramp down and a ramp up! It is kind of hard to explain. (All osb is covered with fleece).

Thanks for your response!!!

12-11-11, 10:40 am
They are both male.
The brown one is divot!
The multicolored one is george!
I am thinking about middle names though because their names are not the best, they just seemed to fit.
Thanks so much for the comment!

12-11-11, 10:41 am
Thank you!!

12-11-11, 12:41 pm
Welcome! Looks great! I don't have anything to add to the others suggestions. I would like to see how you did your ramps cause I don't have any ramps and I'm curious how yours work. Overall looks awesome! Your pigs are very cute! Hope you enjoy this forum!