View Full Version : Ramp not so off to a good start

05-20-05, 05:24 pm
I got the boys to go half way up to the top floor, but they then don't want to head back down. So, I tried to lure them with some food. Smores went half way up before he decided to head back down. Oh well, least this is just the first day.

05-21-05, 07:07 pm
Ok, I completely changed it to two cubes together and extended the second level. THe boys are going up and down it constantly.

Daisy Duke
05-21-05, 07:11 pm
Yay!!! Glad you figured out the problem.

Slap Maxwell
05-21-05, 07:12 pm
Good work Ryan, I am sure they love it. Pictures!

05-21-05, 09:50 pm
I'll have pictures tomorrow. I'm just too tired to down load them right now. They are stay away from the ramp th elast couple of hours. Oh well guess they got their first days worth.