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05-19-05, 10:33 pm
Thanks to Amy and Amiable Animals for driving to meet us half-way so we could get our new piggies, Louis and Acorn. They're just the cutest guys!!! (If I can figure out how, I'll post some photos.) They've just been troopers adjusting to the house. Louis the Brave ventured out right away -- I think that boy would do anything for a leaf of lettuce or dandelion stalk. Acorn dashed like a maniac for the nearest cubby whenever we came into the room yesterday morning -- by tonight, after a day of gentle words and coaxing, they let us sit and watch them eat, and have both been brave enough to take food from our hands. We might try lap time in a day or so.

If I ever had any doubt about adopting two piggies (versus buying one), they are long gone. If anyone is wondering about whether to adopt -- ADOPT! Both piggies came with health records, info on care and feeding, and pellets and hay to ease the transition. What more could you need? I think they're going to love it here, and we're going to love having them!

05-19-05, 10:57 pm
Louis (left) and Acorn

05-20-05, 12:04 am
Congrats!!! They are sooo cute. I know they'll be very happy.

05-20-05, 12:31 am
Yay! Congratulations! They are both absolutely adorable.

Ashley's Gurl
05-20-05, 05:10 am
They are really cute! Congrats!

Emily F.
05-20-05, 05:26 am
Awesome! You must be so excited. They are very cute.

Daisy Duke
05-20-05, 02:16 pm

05-21-05, 09:13 pm
Congrats. I am so happy to here of your success. I am too leaning toward adopting. Thanks for the feed back.

05-22-05, 05:14 am
Aww!! Hi boys! They look so happy in their new home! ;~)

05-26-05, 03:46 am
So very cute. Don't you just love piggies?

07-13-05, 04:53 pm
There sooo cute! Congradulations! :0)

07-13-05, 11:02 pm
Hey, I just want to let you know I have you marked down for a baby boy if Hailey has any. She is getting bigger and bigger and hopefully is the last pregnant girl I'll have to deal with for awhile, anyway. Send good vibes everything goes smoothly! I'll keep you posted. ;~)