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12-03-11, 10:25 pm
My name is Jodie. I've had guinea pigs for about five years now. I currently have four piggies: Twix (the oldest), Snickers, Milkyway, and Reese (the youngest). I'm not sure how they all ended up being named after chocolate, but I think it's cute. I'm actually looking for a good place to buy hay from. The small bags of hay from stores don't last long at all and I want to start buying in bulk. So if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I'm also looking to buy a big cage and thinking about the C&C cages. :)

12-03-11, 10:45 pm
Welcome to the forum!

There are three good online sources for hay: KMS Hayloft, Grass Hays & Fortified Feeds From the Valleys of the Pacific Northwest (http://www.kmshayloft.com), American Pet Diner (http://www.americanpetdiner.com), and Sweet Meadow Farm | Rabbit and Guinea Pig food | Horse Riding Programs (http://www.sweetmeadowfarm.com). Some farm/feed stores and pet stores will order big boxes of Oxbow for you, also.

All three of the online ones have good hay, and the cheapest one will probably be the one closest to you. The prices on the hay are about the same -- it's the shipping that varies.

The C&C cages are very nice. You can also make good cages out of closet shelving. I don't think you'll find anything ready-built that is large enough for four pigs (I'm assuming you have them house together, but that might not be a good assumption). If you haven't been there already, check out the Home page of this website (Home button above) for more information about cages. Also see the Photo Gallery for lots of ideas.

12-03-11, 11:24 pm
Thanks for the help! I've actually been looking at KMS Hayloft. I'm going to look around locally, but if I can't find anything then that is where I'll probably get my hay from.

Right now, I have them all in different cages. My three females used to be together in a big wooden cage that my boyfriend I built. It wasn't working out and I had trouble with water bottles. I'm hoping I can get a C&C Cage, I think the my would love it.

Thanks again for the help. :)

12-03-11, 11:40 pm
Welcome to the forum! I love the names of your piggies! You'll have to post a picture so we can see them! :)

12-03-11, 11:48 pm
Thanks! I'm going to try and post some tomorrow. My profile picture on here is of Twix and Snickers. :) Their names kind of match their colors and markings.

12-04-11, 08:01 am
JodieLee, I can almost guarantee you that you can't find good guinea pig hay in Louisiana unless you can find some that's been trucked in from somewhere else. I live in Houston, and there's nothing suitable grown within hundreds of miles of here. Your best bet might be to see if you can find horse stables in your area, and ask 1) where they get their hay, or 2) would they sell you some if it's what you need.