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12-03-11, 12:16 pm
Ok so I've posted a thread before about how I reeeeaaalllly want purple coroplast and can't find it and I just thought I'd mention that every time I call a place and ask if they have purple coroplast, I am literally laughed at. But I've seen so many pics of people with purple coroplast on here. I can't buy from guineapigzone.com because it's sooo expensive, but I wanna know where you guys gotten your purple coroplast from...

Just so you guys know if I can't find it the issue is already resolved as far as looks. I found pink grids-yes, I said it, PINK!-at Walmart and they come w/ white connectors then I'll just use white coroplast which I can get from a sign shop right down the street from me.

12-03-11, 01:49 pm
Purple is a custom colour according to the coroplast website, so you light want to try contacting them.

Here is their website: Coroplast - Corrugated Plastic Sheets (http://catalog.coroplast.com/coroplast/)

12-03-11, 01:56 pm
I wonder if a sign shop could order it for you since they don't seem to keep it in stock.

12-03-11, 02:33 pm
Inle_Rabbit and Ollieandfriends:

I've tried contacting them and they directed me to SABIC Polymershapes and they said to custom order it it would cost up to a minimum of $100 or something...I was confused by what she said...

12-03-11, 08:28 pm
Here is some purple coroplast:
42" x 28" or 2 x 3 Grid Replacement Cage Base Flooring | eBay (http://www.ebay.com/itm/42-x-28-2-x-3-Grid-Replacement-Cage-Base-Flooring-/260824616054?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cba5bcc76)

That is where I got my cage from and you can choose the color coroplast you want. They would probably cut a different size for you if you needed.

12-03-11, 08:35 pm
I got my purple from Guineapigzone.com so I'm afraid I'm no help...But I love it and i think that its worth the money if you can't find it anywhere else. Good luck on your hunt.