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12-01-11, 01:37 pm
Hey y'all! I am a proud guinea pig owner of little Ramona, the friendliest little pig ever! When I was five years old, I got a guinea pig, named Gus, who lived for nine years, flying on a plane twice in cargo...For my sixteenth, my mom got me Mona from a man who was supplying the poor babies to a Vietnamese Restaurant >(... Little did we know, she's pregnat :/ but oh well, we'll just have to deal, won't we? lol

12-01-11, 01:53 pm
Lucky for Mona your mom saved her and her little ones.... Post photos so we can all admire your new addition!

12-01-11, 01:53 pm
Wow. What is guinea pig in Vietnamese so I can avoid it? My husband and I love Asian food and try to go as authentic as possible, I'd hate to eat a guinea pig! =(

Congradulations on your new guinea pig and happy birthday! Are you still on baby watch or did she have them? Share pictures!!

12-01-11, 03:38 pm
debusallstar - Wow, you literally saved the life of a guinea pig. Well done! We are crazy for pictures here so please post some of your newest love ASAP! :-)

Inle_Rabbit: Guinea pig in Vietnamese is: chuột lang
(Resource: Translation of guinea-pig (http://translate.definitions.net/guinea-pig))

12-01-11, 05:04 pm
Welcome to the forum! And thanks for rescuing Ramona!

12-01-11, 08:19 pm
Thanks guys; We knew we had to have her when she began approaching my mom, chirping and carrying on when she put her hand in the cage (all the other guinea pigs rushed to the back of the cage, poor things. Ramona's a bold one, alright). I WILL post pictures just as soon as I locate my camera! We're still on baby watch, but any day now! I'm just a tad worried, though, I hear that guinea pig mothers can actually eat their babies, is this really true? And if so, what can I do to prevent it?

12-01-11, 08:37 pm
No, guinea pig moms don't eat their babies. Sometimes hamsters will but guinea pigs will not.

Also, guinea pig pups come out fully furred, eyes open, running around and ready to eat. These are not your average, naked, blind babies.

12-01-11, 08:52 pm
Welcome to the forum! Can't wait for pictures!

12-01-11, 09:46 pm
Thanks, I feel better now. One more question: How warm do we need to keep the babies?

12-01-11, 09:56 pm
Hi and welcome! I'm so glad you were able to save her and can't wait to see pictures. I don't think I'm going to be eating any oriental food for sometime to come or anything that's supposed to be "chicken"!

12-02-11, 12:11 am
Welcome to the forum! So glad you saved Ramona! We love pictures here, so cant wait to see pictures of Ramona and her new babies.

12-02-11, 07:56 am
Debusallstar, how warm is your house? If you're comfortable, the pigs are probably comfortable. You can put some hideys in, which they'll appreciate anyway, and those will help keep them warm if necessary.

But guinea pigs can tolerate cold better than heat, so unless you're freezing to death inside, I wouldn't worry about them.

12-18-11, 04:49 pm
Ramona FINALLY is giving birth!!! They are precious, and I will post pictures soon!

12-18-11, 04:58 pm
Yay!! Congradulations! Please share the pictures of the little things. How many did she have?

12-18-11, 05:42 pm
Aww!! Congrats on the little ones!! Also, I think it's so neat how your mom got her from a man supplying them to a vietnamese resteraunt, because I've always thought it'd be so cool to start like a rescue mission to save guinea pigs from those horrible places that put them on the menu!! :mad: Oh sorry...offtopic...but anywho once again congrats on the babies and the mother herself!! We love pigtures and want to know every detail we can get!! lol

12-23-11, 10:53 am
she had six babies! they are incredibly healthy and sweet. Mona is a bit of a wild mother, always trying to get a moment of peace. She'll often run to the other side of the cage or steal lettuce from her young ones.

That's not off the topic! I really think I may start doing that when I graduate college, or as a side-project. gotta love those precious cavies!

12-23-11, 11:13 am
Wow, six is a lot! No wonder Mona is trying to get some peace and quiet! We do need pictures ASAP.

You might keep an eye on them and make sure they all get a chance to nurse. She's only got dinner for two. You can put her and two of the babies in a laundry basket on a rotating schedule and let them get some milk.

12-23-11, 11:16 am
Holy buckets! Six??! Wow, that IS a lot. Can't wait for pictures! :D

12-23-11, 11:54 am
I know, that's way more than I expected! I posted pictures of them: Clement, Cleopatra, Penelope, Beauregard, Elmo, and Despereaux!

I love them dearly. I just put Cleo and Mona in a basket for some mommy-daughter floor time, she's most definitely the runt, so hopefully this will help her get some milk.

12-23-11, 12:08 pm
They're adorable! I love the names you picked. :)

12-23-11, 12:23 pm
What a lucky girl she is that you saved her! It just makes my hear hurt that people eat them. Those babies are precious! I want one. :)

12-23-11, 07:14 pm
Sorry, I can't find the pics...where are they? I wanna see!! lol

12-23-11, 07:26 pm
arionat799 They're in the photo gallery.

12-23-11, 07:54 pm
I still can't find them...do you have a link you could share??

12-23-11, 08:07 pm
Click on Photos at the top of the page, and then search for those posted in the last one day.

12-23-11, 08:16 pm
found it!! haha they are soo cute!! I had clicked on guinea pigs (the category) then clicked last one day and it didn't show up...sorry...

01-01-12, 06:07 am
aren't they precious?! lol I'll post more soon; they grow by the day!