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03-23-02, 11:44 pm
Just wanted to thank you all, as I am new here and starting reading the posts and getting ideas for a cage :) My family is getting 2 baby female pigs in about 10 days and we are really excited. I had been to local pet stores to find cages--far too small for far too much money. Then I found your website with the great ideas on cages. First let me tell you we live near Dallas, Texas so I tried our Target for the cubes--no luck. But I did find the cubes at Walmart--$14. for 13 of them, $7. for 5 of them. So we now have our cage put together with a lid due to our dogs. But I have been unable to hunt down any Coroplast for the floor. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

03-24-02, 01:59 pm
Did you try the sign stores? Surely one of them has it! Sometimes the sign stores won't sell it to you, but if you get the name of the their supplier, they might! :)


03-31-02, 05:06 pm
Thanks Miriam--
I called about 6 sign places--no luck. But beleive it or not a plant that makes coroplast is in Dallas, found them on the web. Called the plant, they would not sell to individuals, but gave me the name and numbers of 2 places that sold to who would help me. WALA!!! Called and they were able to help. Was able to get a 4' x 8' sheet forn just $10. and they even cut it for me. Just finished with the floor today, we are excited as we will pick up our 2 new additions to the family tomorrow. Next we will have to work on names. :)


04-02-02, 08:20 pm
I had a hard time finding chloroplast as well, so we used the plastic non-slip dish cabinet liner (non-sticker kind, it grips with the rubbery side) which they can't bite due to the a layer of bedding on the second level, and it was laid down in 1 sheet, so they really couldn't bite it if they tried. That was super cheap, like $3.50 at Wal-Mart for 8 feet on a roll. Then I was thinking about making a bedding guard that the pigs could see through yet would serve the purpose of keeping the shavings IN the cage. I was walking down the garden section of Wal-Mart and came across "Insect Screening." I know what you are thinking... EWWWW medal! Noooo...it's NOT medal... it's very flexible fiberglass that feels like cloth, yet has the durability of fiberglass. It looks like the stuff that screen doors are made out of. For a 36" x 84" roll, it was only $4.50. My husband used c-rings to clamp the material to the cage wire so that it couldn't be chewed as well as kept the bedding from slipping through the cracks.

So for about a whole 10 bucks (that's with tax) I have a great cage upper floor cover and a practical way to keep the bedding scattering to a minimum and allow for the piggies to see out of. It does sometimes fly out when one of the pigs does her cross country run and flies around the corner to go downstairs before jumping ontop of her cabin's roof. I'd need a 5 foot barrier to keep that stuff from going nutzo!

Hope that helped!

04-03-02, 07:01 am
Hey! Glad you found it! :)


Guinea PigsUSA
04-21-02, 04:45 am
Does the urine seep through the coroplast though? I am wanting to try the C&C cage idea but don't want to have to replace the coroplast all the time.

04-25-02, 09:23 am
We've been using C&C cages for nearly a year, and have never had one leak. they are also the floor of our rabbit enclosures, and rabbits pee A LOT a one time, and it has never leaked through, not even where the coroplast has been seamed together with packing tape!

04-29-02, 02:10 pm
I found coroplast in plano at sadler digns S?E corner of parker and custer for $15. I got the cubes from Target at parker and central which is just a few blocks from sadler signs. I paid 19.99 for a box of over 20 panels.

05-02-02, 11:31 am
I'm going to try your cage idea.

05-03-02, 11:19 am
Try this link online for Coroplast:

www.harborsales.com (http://www.harborsales.com)

05-10-02, 06:23 am
THANKS for posting that site. I have been looking for this stuff EVERYWHERE and where I did find it it was expensive!
Thanks again!
[email protected]

05-10-02, 07:19 am
When the sign place cut it for you, do you mean they cut you a 4' x 8' sheet or that they practically made the box for you?

05-16-02, 02:17 am
does any1 know where to find coroplast and "cubes" in Australia or are they called something else here?

05-16-02, 05:59 am
see this thread: www.caviesgalore.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=14534 (http://www.caviesgalore.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=14534)

U P Lisa
06-16-02, 12:32 pm
Which of the plastic sheets is it?

09-24-02, 08:17 pm
We have coroplast any size or custom size.
Tel: 519 666-3535
Email: [email protected]

Victor Denisevich

09-24-02, 08:24 pm
TEL: 519 666-3535 OR email:[email protected]

09-25-02, 09:59 am
How much does Victor charge??

10-15-02, 10:18 pm
I've seen them in Bunnings $8.50, a discount shop - Choices $8, and Bunnings/Hardwarehouse $7.50.

The corflute is around $7 for a piece 1.8m by 1.2m from a sign supply place.

Email me if you want more details of where to find them.

[email protected]

11-04-02, 04:26 pm
what is coroplast? is it like posterboard or foam board? i have no idea. could i use other things other than the coroplast?

11-04-02, 05:37 pm
Coroplast is a plastic product which looks a lot like plastic cardboard. You can use linoleum instead of coroplast but I don't think it is as easy. I would look at the cavy cages site at cavyspirit.com. Good Luck!

11-04-02, 06:21 pm
are there any other places in the uk apart from littlewoods that sells these??