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Cavy Tamer
05-19-05, 12:30 am
My 9 1/2 week old dutch bunny seems really smart. There is this small opening that goes under my bed that I couldn't close off. He's been trying to get in there the whole time I've owned him, but so far I would just put my hand in front of him if he tried to get in there. Well, tonight I sit on the floor and it was the cutest thing... He circles me and then hops on my lap! He then nudges me with his nose, so I pet his head, and he is totally in this cute mode, and licking my hand. By this point I'm totally trusting him to just sit with me. Then suddenly he BOLTS for under the bed! He had been planning this move all night, I'm sure... He knows exactly how to get me where he wants me in order for him to do as he pleases...

I know I wanted a smart rabbit..... but SHEESH!

I wouldn't mind him going under the bed, if I knew for certain that he would only use the bathroom in his cage...

Is this extra smart rabbit behavior or is it how they normally are? Are there any benefits to having a really brainy bunny? Anyone have any smart rabbit stories to share?

-Feeling Intellectually Threatened

05-19-05, 06:35 am
We had a lop ear female named Clover, and we would let her run around in the dining room all day (and sometimes night). Well, everytime someone's back was turned (or everyone left the room) she would *sneak* out. But if you looked at her, she would scamper back into the dining room because she knew she was "caught".

Sterling and Clover were bonded so they were fed veggies together. Clover was quite a pig when it came to veggies and treats, so Sterling would grab a piece of banana(or other treat) off the plate and take it somewhere else so Clover wouldn't take it from him.

Sterling enjoys going outside sometimes, but he usually only enjoys it if the back door is left open so he feels safe. Our dog will wait at the back door and whine or bark to be let in; so whenever the dog is by the back door, Sterling waits by his side so he can dash in as soon as the door opens.

05-19-05, 08:39 am
Rabbits are drawn to dark small hidey type places, my rabbit keeps trying to figure a way under my dresser and will give up for a bit until he thinks I am not paying attention and then run over to try again. Smart little buggers. Your bun is really cute!

05-19-05, 12:31 pm
They are definitely smart and mischevous as well! If I block something off, they find another way around.

My friend is adopting a bunny and the owner states that the bunny does tricks and talks. We are waiting expectantly to meet this bunny. I've never heard a bun talk!

Cavy Tamer
05-20-05, 10:36 am
What's a good way to forbid a rabbit to go somewhere? He seems to want to do nothing BUT go under the bed now...

Daisy Duke
05-20-05, 05:31 pm
Awww... he is so cute.