View Full Version : using a litter box

10-31-02, 06:48 am
Ok. I have 2 piggies. I have 2 litterboxes, one that is big enough for one pig and another that is big enough for at least 2. They go in them sometimes but not all the time. Can someone please tell me how I can train my little piggies so that they will go in the litter boxes? It's not that they cant be trained; they like to learn. I just think I'm doing it wrong.

11-04-02, 04:25 pm
the best way to train any animal is to put there poop and pea in the litter box. the see and smell it and eventuall figure it out. it make take some time. be pacient

11-05-02, 05:01 pm
www.cavycages.com/floortime.htm---try (http://www.cavycages.com/floortime.htm---try) this site for some other ideas on potty training. Hope it helps!!! (the potty training is at the very bottom)