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11-27-11, 04:17 am
hi to all...
whoa..this is my third post today..on my first day and i post so many post..
i think i'm going crazy:crazy:
ok..to the point~
well,last time i did research on was on hamsters..
and now..i'm researching piggies~
now...i'm confused with the piggies type of sickness
for example~hamsters with red eyes are bad(or is it not??)
as dear readers you can see..i very confused here
pls help me>_<
thanks for the reply(s) in advance^^

11-27-11, 04:23 am
Guinea lynx is one of the best sources of information about illnesses, signs & treatments. Try to read through it all when you have the time, it really covers everything as well as behaviour, care & their social life.

11-27-11, 04:44 am
thanks again HannibalLecter^^

11-27-11, 04:49 am
I also recommend Guinealynx. It really covers almost everything you are bound to experience! Such a good resource.

11-27-11, 05:01 am
thanks to all of u guys that are so helpful ^^