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Twilight Chins
11-24-11, 02:53 pm
Hi, I'm Christine and come from the land of Chinchillas! I'm not a Guinea pig owner, but came to learn a bit more about piggies. I had a pair when I was younger, and so enjoyed them, and their vocalization.

I generally make chinchilla toys, houses with art work (human grade food coloring) but lately have had a few guinea pig people come to me, asking that I make things for their piggies. I'm always wanting to do what is best for the furries, whether they be chinchillas, rats, or guinea pigs, so I am here to learn!

11-24-11, 05:00 pm
Welcome Twilight Chins! Piggies aren't as active with toys as much as chinchillas are. They usually enjoy things where they can hide in or run through like a bed or tunnel. Mine sometimes like to perch on things and sleep on them. May be you can make beds and tunnels for your piggy clients, a lot of people have been doing this and selling them online, you could use your talent in art to make your self stand out. :)

Twilight Chins
11-24-11, 05:26 pm
I do quite a bit of wood items so will have to check things out! Here is my website..
Twilight Chinchilla's Boredom Buster toys and more! - Home (http://twilightchinchillastoysandmore.weebly.com/index.html)

Those guinea pigs were so well behaved compared to the Chins, that I do remember! Thanks for the welcome!

11-24-11, 07:32 pm
Welcome fellow chin owner!
Yes, guinea pigs can be much more well behaved than chins :D
edit: Woo! Just checked out your site, you have some really neat things!!