View Full Version : Piggies in So Cal, Ventura Shelter

Christys GPS
05-17-05, 09:48 pm
If any one in the Southren Ca area looking for piggies, Ventura County shelter had recently found 14 piggies at there door step, The are beautiful, I went today and adopted three of them for $10 a piece, Yesterday I built them a 2x5 c&c and drove the two hour trip to get them. They have more boars then sows, and I sexed all of them there is a adorable baby there but I could not sex it, I am thinking it is a girl. There is one sow who is about to give birth, and the rest are adorable. I dont believe the list for petfinder, but here is there website, if any one was interested,


05-17-05, 10:00 pm

WAY TO GO! I wish I had room to adopt more. Thank you for granting 3 more creatures a life of peace, love and happiness.

05-17-05, 10:07 pm
Aw, you got three of them? Thank you for adopting.

Christys GPS
05-17-05, 10:10 pm
Thanks guys, but seven is now my limit, these guys are such beauties, two of them are twins I swear, I will be posting pics, in cavy chat, introducing them, cannot think of names yet. Maybe you all can help. With me be very ill and my husband in Iraq for six more months they give me something to lok forward to, I hold them all and love them all the same and my three and a half year old, helps take care of them and I am finding alot of ways to make things cheaper, I buy aspen shavings for 20 bucks, for 20+ pounds of it, and I get Timothy hay a bale of it for 10 bucks, and good thing about Ca all the mexican markets they are extremely cheap on veggies. So I am happy and my guys are also.

NO PET Stores, yeah for me,,,, hehehe

Slap Maxwell
05-18-05, 09:04 am
Good job Christy! Congrats!