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11-18-11, 04:04 pm
This lady has a BUNCH of babies....=BREEDER! And they are kept in recycling bins w/ newspaper bedding :(

Baby Guinea Pigs (http://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/pet/2705863801.html)

Here are the pics if you don't feel like clicking on the link yourself :(

11-18-11, 05:08 pm
This is just plain sick!!!! >(

11-19-11, 08:00 am
Maybe she had two pregnant pigs and couldn't care for the babies? Maybe the bin is just for photo taking? (it looks clean to me)


Pretty Piggies
11-19-11, 08:19 am
Nikkipig, it does look clean, but newspaper isn't good for guinea pigs. :(

11-19-11, 08:27 am
True... at least it's better than wire floors or no bedding at all.

11-19-11, 08:31 am
Newspaper is bad?! But that's what I use for my piggies to poop and pee in :(

Pretty Piggies
11-19-11, 08:34 am
Sorry pandaloki! But newspaper isn't that good for pigs (unless your thinking of Yesterday's News). Nikkipig: You're right, it is better.

11-19-11, 08:39 am
Pandaloki, using newspaper for bedding means that your pigs' feet and bellies and bums are on a wet surface. At the best, they can get bumble foot or urine scald, at the worst, urinary tract infections.

You need something that will pull the urine down to a lower layer and stay relatively dry on top. I realize you don't have great selection of bedding where you are, but you need to find something better than newspaper.

11-19-11, 08:54 am
ohh, ok. I will. :D

11-19-11, 11:23 am
:( that is sad and they look so scared. :(

01-16-12, 01:29 am
they are back up!!

Baby Guinea Pigs (http://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/pet/2767889856.html)

01-20-12, 01:26 pm
Hello? Guys? Flag!!

01-20-12, 02:01 pm
I just flagged the site!

03-06-12, 05:41 pm
Looks like the same babies again but months later? I have never flagged before. Does it ask you why you're flagging?
Baby Guinea Pigs (http://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/pet/2827925555.html)

03-06-12, 05:48 pm
flagged. :)

03-06-12, 06:42 pm
Yeah, it's the same person posting repeatedly. She's had her ad up since before Christmas when I was looking for a female cage mate for Pepper.

Also, flagging you just have to click a button for why you are flagging, you'd click prohibited. They don't ask for further information. It takes a few people to get a post removed.

03-06-12, 06:46 pm
Poor baby pigs :( That is not acceptable at all!