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11-12-11, 03:36 pm
What are you guys using for your litter boxes and where did u get them? Also how did u get them to use it and where is it? Need to know how I should make mine! lol

11-12-11, 03:42 pm
I don't exactly have a litter box, but my cavies use their kitchen area as one. You will find that they like to go to the bathroom where they eat and drink. I find that most of their waste is in their kitchen area (which I use bedding in - rest of cage is fleece,) and I just change that out about every two days with spot cleanings. The entire cage gets cleaned out once a week with daily sweeps, but the kitchen is most frequently cleaned out. If I see spots where someone has gone poty I will take out that bedding and replace it with new.

11-12-11, 05:03 pm
Ditto on them using the kitchen area the most! I just started using the bottom of the cage Huey came to us in for the kitchen area. It helps keep the hay contained and I change it 2 times a day. I put extra fleece pads down in their hidey areas and those I just shake out over the trash can each day, change them out every other day. I do have to spot clean the poo but that's quick. I change out the whole cage once a week.

11-12-11, 06:03 pm
I just use a cheap kitty litter box that I found at a big box store for 3 dollars. I put their food in bowls on one side and the litter material on the other side. Also I've covered the litter box area with an extra grid (held up with zip-ties) and a towel to give them extra privacy. :)

C. Cole-Chakotay
11-12-11, 10:01 pm
I found a plastic litter pan at Criggercages.com that I use in my kitchen area. I put litter there and have fleece in the rest of the cage. The litter pan I have fits perfectly in a 1 x 2 grid area.

11-13-11, 05:51 pm
Does a shoebox full of carefresh actually work?

11-13-11, 07:36 pm
Does a shoebox full of carefresh actually work?
Not long-term. The urine will seep through the cardboard.

11-13-11, 08:09 pm
I use a plastic corner litter box I velcro'd to the sides of the cage. I line it with newpaper in case they climb in a go to the bathroom in there. I have a single ply piece of fleece in front of it to catch stray pieces of hay.

11-13-11, 09:44 pm
I was using cardboard, it was a pain in the butt. I had to use a new box like every three days. I would

I had one of those corner boxes, but my piggy seemed to think it was to small, and I found I had to empty it twice a day.

So, I went to a dollar store and bough an decent sized Tupperware and cut a "door way" in it, I empty it out everyday.

I also have an upstairs "kitchen" where is food and hay are, I do not use fleece in that area, only bedding.

11-15-11, 12:01 pm
I just use the corner litter box under the hay rack. She uses it very well. I put carefresh in it and change it daily.