View Full Version : do they actually

05-15-05, 10:16 pm
use 2nd levels?

05-16-05, 04:03 am
They do, and they love it! :)

05-16-05, 04:11 am
Yes, most pigs will use the second level. It may take them some time to get used to the ramp, but putting some hay up there should coax them :)

05-16-05, 12:52 pm
I put pellets, water and veggies on the second floor. I think he'd race up 100 floors for his veggies! Not to mention he loves his "ramps" for doing "laps".

Slap Maxwell
05-16-05, 04:39 pm
I put pellets and veggies on my top level. They use it endlessly.

05-16-05, 07:04 pm
Casey, if you're going to post on this forum please use capitalization and punctuation. Thank you.

05-17-05, 03:32 am
Yep they sure do, my pigs love their second level. It's full of soft stuff like cozies and cuddle cups.

Daisy Duke
05-20-05, 02:28 pm
Yes they do, Second lofts also give them good exsersise.

05-20-05, 02:54 pm
My pig loved his second level. He would run up and down up and down....how I miss him so :(

Daisy Duke
05-20-05, 02:56 pm
I am so sorry for your loss Moxie.

Christys GPS
05-20-05, 04:22 pm
My guys love the 2 1/2 level they have, also if you are like me and have alot of piggers, it gives them their independence from one another. My guys love there c&c.

Daisy Duke
05-20-05, 08:15 pm
I think I am going to add a second level to my cage. Just a small one though. I am also thinking of changing the way my cage looks.

05-20-05, 09:21 pm
I've added a second level myself. However, the boys are a bit scared of using the ramp.

Slap Maxwell
05-20-05, 09:22 pm
Try putting veggies on the ramp. I have pellets and I serve veggies on the top level, so they love it.