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11-07-11, 08:58 am
Hi there!

I'm 29, adore my animals and have never been without pets. I kept pigs along with pretty much everything else (farmer's girl!) when I was younger and living at home but have always had hamsters, gerbils, birds and house rabbits since then. After a terrible year where I lost 3 bunnies in a row to pure bad luck health disasters I lost the heart for it and didn't adopt another. I couldn't be without little critters though so I took on a pair of rescue rats who have been absolute stars. They're coming up 2 now so starting to slow down a bit but still full of mischief and ruling the roost. My unofficial room mate is a Maroon Bellied Conure who lives upstairs from the rat boys in a huge double stacker cage. He's out more than he's in really so I don't think of him as a pet as such, he just lives with me hence 'unofficial room mate'.:)

I currently live in a shared house so I could get some savings together and learn to drive. It's been fun but i want my own place again so I'll be moving out next summer. With more space to call my own I am planning to get a couple of piggies in a C&C cage. I'm on here to refresh my knowledge as I'm aware my experience of piggies is about 15 years out of date! Trying to find C&C cage parts in the UK appears to be impossible as B&Q no longer stock them. If anyone knows of a supplier outside of ebay then give me a shout.

11-07-11, 09:00 am
Welcome to the forum!

11-07-11, 09:30 am
Hi there and welcome! I tried to put the shortcut to the thread that might help you with getting cubes but something is janky with my computing abilites:crazy:! If you go to the search box on the upper right hand and type in Where to buy Cubes in UK the thread will pop up. Hope this helps!

11-07-11, 10:22 am
Welcome to the forum. I am sure you will find some cool things on this site. I only joined yesterday and I have already found interesting things. :0)