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11-14-02, 12:26 pm
Been doing more reading.... I think we are going to do a 2x4 main level on a 2x4 base with dividers in the base for more stability, and then we can use that for storage as well. Then a top level of 1x2...

Anyway, from what I have been reading, these little guys can jump! Have you guys had yours jump out of the C&C cages if they do not have a lid? I think I would like to have it open, but if they will jump out, it would be better to enclose it. Any input would be most appreciated!

11-15-02, 03:08 pm
I've never had one jump. I don't think most do. Unless you have a jumper (or another reason to cover it) I don't think there'd be a reason to.

~*Laura, Pumpkin, and Nikki*~

11-19-02, 11:25 am
Because the C&C cages are generally so much more spacious than shop bought ones, it's more like personal space for them than a cage. It takes away the 'nnngh I want to get out!' vibe which you see in animals in smaller spaces. Mine do perform some pretty good jumps in the cage and around the house but they've never tried to jump out of the cages. I've not heard of anyone having that problem either.

Good luck building your cage!

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