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11-03-11, 05:19 pm
in the last couple of days i got 31 grids off CL, from two different sellers.
the first set (18) were fairly clean but so used that some of the coating is coming off, revealing the metal underneath. however, this is mostly in the corners, probably from taking them in and out of the connectors too many times. the pigs shouldn't be able to get at these spots, but i'm concerned about the stability if it's not as tight a fit. could i use electrical tape, bind up the bald spots?

the coating on the other set (13) is fine, but it's very used. well, they said they've only used it this past summer as a plant stand but the blue is so sunbleached (i know that doesn't matter) and there are some rust spots from being out in the wet. how much of a concern is this? can i de-rust it? i did get them for free, at least.

also, a couple of them have a slight bow in them, from having heavy plants on them i guess. can this be remedied? maybe zap-strapped halfway along the bottom of the grid to keep it flush?

i guess my main concern is the rust.

11-03-11, 05:32 pm
I definitely wouldn't use tape -- mine think it's candy. And a lot of people don't use the connectors at all -- they just zip tie them together. I think it's probably more stable that way, and you could maybe cover the rust with the zip ties on those where the rust is in the corners.

On the others, can you position them so they can't get to the rust? Lids, maybe, or below the level of the coroplast? Or high enough that they can't reach them?

Another possibility would be to use these for a stand, and get a box of new ones to build the actual cage with.

11-03-11, 05:35 pm
If you're worried about how stable it will be, you could always zip tie the grids together instead of using the connectors.
Sadly, I can't really help with the rust problem, but I have heard that steel wool can remove rust without chemicals.

11-03-11, 05:41 pm
thanks for the replies, guys. a lot of the rust is in the corners, where moisture collected inside the connector, so hopefully the pigs wont reach it. steel wool would probably work on another metal, but I'm worried it'll take this coating right off.

for the tape, i only meant taping the corners to plump out the wire where the coating was coming off, so that there'd be a more snug fit. but yes, i think some heavy investment in zip ties is a must.

thinking about the pigs getting to the corners of the grids, it's just occurred to me that i don't know: do the connectors clip on with the smooth round side facing in, towards the guineas? it def wouldn't be as attractive from the outside but it would minimize chewing.

11-05-11, 06:36 pm
exciting! i just got more grids off of craigslist-- another 23, in excellent shape (for free!) Now I can just put the ones in the worst condition down where the pigs will have no contact with them. yay!

11-12-11, 09:35 am
Wow that was lucky! I'm seriously thinking about buying more grids (or going to craigslist and looking for free ;)) to see if I could build a stand.... Hmmm...

11-12-11, 03:40 pm
I know for me it's a must... the floors get cold here, and I'm in a basement!
Also, I like the idea of them being closer to my height (if I could get enough grids I may even prefer a double-grid-height base) AND it saves room because of storage... I'd rather use what space I have on the size of their cage rather than needing another cabinet for all their supplies. Definitely look on craigslist! Aside from being cheaper, it's always good to reuse!