View Full Version : Help finging guinea pigs to adopt in Alabama!

11-01-11, 10:25 pm
I am looking to adopt a couple of young guinea pigs near Birmingham, AL. I am having no luck. I have read all the warnings about buying form Petsmart, but can't find any locally. Any suggestions? Thanks so much


11-01-11, 10:57 pm
whats your zipcode???

11-01-11, 11:03 pm
36201. I live in Anniston...but I am willing to travel a little ways...even to Atlanta if necessary.

11-01-11, 11:05 pm
Oh, and it should be help "finding"...sorry about the typo.

11-01-11, 11:09 pm
Search petfinder.com small and furry then search your local Craigslist if you cant find one or two you like there. To search CL go to pet section in search bar type ""guinea" and thats it as CL isnt good with plurals so adding pig or pigs will skew the listings. Then go to the main page for your city and in the search box select "for sale" from the drop box and plug in "guinea" again and check out those listing. Be sure to beware of breeders they tend to list them in the farm section. If its an accidental litter its ok. If you get 2 or more guinea pigs from separate places you'll need to quaranteen for 3-4 weeks to make sure that they are not sick. You'll also need to do a proper introduction with the piggies. Before you adopt be sure you have a heafty emergency vet fund (I recommend a minimum of $500 per pig $1000 would be nice) weather its cash or a credit card with that limit those would be great.

Also stay away from pet stores for supplies too. They are crappy, expensive and you can really help in the effort against breeding by supporting a rescue. We have lots of resources of places to buy supplies so when you need just ask. For pellets and hay NOW if the best time to buy because the crops are in for the season and Kleenmamas runs out of the good stuff bad...

11-01-11, 11:11 pm
Pet Search Results: Adoptable guinea Small Pets in Marietta, GA: Petfinder (http://www.petfinder.com/pet-search?animal_type=Small&pet_breed=guinea&location=36201&distance=0)

11-01-11, 11:12 pm
Hello Jason. Welcome to the forum. So glad you checked in with us about adopting over rushing out and buying a guinea pig. You can check the adoption section or go on Guinea Pig Zone where many pigs are listed. A big one to find for your area, is to go on Petfinder.com. You enter small and furry, type in your zipcode and the rescues and adoptions for guinea pigs will come up.
Another source is Craigslists, your local want ades..
Also if you give your zipcode members here can help you in your search.
Good luck in your search and keep us posted.

11-01-11, 11:16 pm
I went into petfinder.com put in your zipcode and guinea pig as breed and many piggies came up.
Check it out.

Katie Sandlin
11-22-11, 03:15 am
Craigslist has several postings right now for the Birmingham, AL area. Good Luck!

12-08-11, 02:45 pm
Jason, I have two AWESOME guinea pigs that I need to rehome -- they are fantastic. Two brothers, two years old, raised together since birth, and in great health. Both are long-haired guinea pigs, so they are far cuter and more interesting than your average cavy (in my opinion). Unfortunately, my son has developed a serious allergy to their fur, and so we have to find a good home for them. If you want really special little guys, these are for you. If interested, let me know and I will send pics to you.