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11-01-11, 03:34 pm
Ok, so here is the deal.... I am really confused on the measurement of my cage. I need to know the measurement for a 2x4 if I use the connectors and all that jazz. Also, what size do I need my coro to be if I have a 2x4. Thanks. Please help:o

11-01-11, 06:35 pm
I think that the measurement on the site is the measurement of the finished cage with connectors? I used cable ties so I'm not sure how much it changed...

If you get a whole sheet of coroplast (4 feet by 8 feet) you will have way more then enough to make a 2x4 cage.

11-01-11, 06:44 pm
Have you seen this page?
How to Make a C&C Cage (http://www.guineapigcages.com/howto.htm)

11-02-11, 07:12 pm
Yes. I just wasn't sure if that was with connectors or not...