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05-14-05, 05:10 pm
Hello All,

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this site doesn't have great ideas, but I was browsing around to see if any other sites had some good info on toys, accessories ect. I came across a site that just about knocked me off my chair at the things said there. For example. "Guinea Pigs are great first pets for kids and are happy to settle down in thier laps." "mineral Wheels are a great way to keep teeth from getting to long." Nut and fruit bars are a great treat for piggies!!!!

To top it all off this :
The rolling balls that they make for hamsters to run around in can also be used for guinea pigs. BUT they have differently sized balls for hamsters and guinea pigs. The bigger balls are for the guinea pigs - $10
I don't belive this person is knowledgeable enough to put a site like this up.
I have included a link for the pic of a cage on her/his site. Not a bad size but she/he used CHICKED WIRE!!!! with nothing to protect the piggies (ie coroplast for 6 inches up.


I'm so ticked off. I would email her/him but Im not a "well known rescuer" such as Cavy-Spirit, so I don't think I'd be taken seriously.

Your Friend in Cavy Care

05-14-05, 05:18 pm
<sigh> It sucks what we are up against.

Feel free to email her and gently tell her what is wrong with her site and why. Include links to CavySpirit, GuineaLynx and here.

Doubt your email will be received very warmly but you can try.

If you feel this person could be a nutcase I recommend setting yourself up a seperate hotmail or yahoo email to use.

I have several seperate email accounts for the different busts and undercover anti-abuse work I do. Believe me you do not want a nutcase to have access to your main email account.

05-14-05, 05:35 pm
Thank you for the idea Voodoo. I will set up another Hotmail account and "Gently" tell what is wrong with her site and why. I think i'll have to do a draft frist before I send it out, because I'm really ticked off and ripping mad right now.

Yes I have small children and yes 1 owns a piggie. First off he NEVER holds her unless I am right there! He NEVER walks around with her! And he whispers to her so he "doesn't sound like a big mean hungery monster" (his words not mine). He acts very responsible. He uses his allowance to help by food, veggies and toys for Smoothie. He comes shopping and helps me pick out good veggies. He has, many times, stayed in the house on nice sunny days to spend time with his piggie because he really wants to show her that he loves her.

With all that said, I know that my son is a rare case. Most kids will yell, act excitedly and handle piggies poorly. They are not good first pets for kids. The only reason my son got a piggie was because he had been helping me with Silky and Smoothie and asked questions and actaully LISTENED to the answers.

I've got to go now and deal with my kids and feed the piggies thier veggies for the night. Have a good night.


Slap Maxwell
05-14-05, 06:05 pm
And she recommends treat sticks, mixes, yogurt drops... grrr.

05-14-05, 06:44 pm
Grr! She says "Q: How many pigs will my pig have when it gives birth? A: Usually only 2 or 3."

2 or 3?!??! Try 6 or 7 on for size....

05-14-05, 06:49 pm
Don't forget, of course, males cannot live together. I'm ready to send an email, too.

05-14-05, 07:44 pm

If you do give your guinea pig a salt and/or mineral wheel, there is less chance that you will need to take it to a vet to get its teeth clipped.

Slap Maxwell
05-14-05, 08:04 pm
I saw that. Grrr.

05-14-05, 08:14 pm
The rolling balls that they make for hamsters to run around in can also be used for guinea pigs. BUT they have differently sized balls for hamsters and guinea pigs. The bigger balls are for the guinea pigs - $10

Salt/Mineral Wheel-$.99 each (helps wear down your guinea pig's teeth so they don't have future dental problems)

Q: How many guinea pigs will I get if my guinea pigs mate?
A: You will end up with about 2 to 3 guinea pigs.

how can this person say their a good owner? how could they make a site about it?!?!?!?!

05-14-05, 10:44 pm
Yeah, before the teeth problems get them, bladder stones and kidney problems will do the pigs in.

05-17-05, 10:40 am
Are bananas bad for piggies. In her quiz that is what she claims. I have given a bit of banana to my piggies before, but just as a treat.

05-17-05, 11:05 am
I didn't think they were bad, if for an occassional treat. She doesn't sound very knowledgeable.

05-17-05, 01:22 pm
Our two piggies live in my 4 1/2 year old's room. He knows that he is not allowed to open their cage at anytime without my supervision. I let him pet them when they are in the cage and when I am holding them. He does not hold them himself. He has been raised around animals so luckily he knows how to properly treat them. He helps me with their food and cage cleaning and helps me pick out their food at the store.

I am very lucky to have found this site before seening any of the others out there.

05-17-05, 07:27 pm
My daughter will be 4 in August and I let her hold the pigs on her lap. She knows not to move around or talk loudly because it will scare them. She's pretty good with them but I keep a close eye on her.

My pigs love bananas. They get a small bit every couple of weeks. I usually split one banana between the 8 pigs.

05-25-05, 09:41 am
I didnt know that bannas were bad...I'll cut my pig down...Since this kid did the web on 'freewebs' couldnt you help fight back by making your own to put even more info out there...? I might...There are just to many people getting the wrong info from the wrong places...It makes me think of chain letters...

05-25-05, 09:43 am
On another chat board, bannas can cause constipation if you feed them to much.