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11-04-02, 04:20 pm
I have a rabbit and a quinea pig. i dont have a lot of room for big cages in my room. But i was wondering if it was okay to stack the C&C cages on top of eachother? and if i do make a C&C cage for my rabbit is it possible to make a door for him to jump in and out of the cage?


11-04-02, 05:40 pm
I don't know how sturdy they would be if you stacked them on top of each other. It may be possible though. You can make a door for your rabbit to come and go as he/she pleases. Check out the cavy cages site at cavyspirit.com. I know they have some good ideas for easy ways to have a door open and close so piggies can run out for floor time and go in if they want to. Good luck!

11-05-02, 02:56 pm
Thanks, but i looked on the website and couldnt find it. can u tell me where to look, in more detail? Please

Laura & Buster

11-05-02, 04:59 pm
www.cavycages.com/options...door---try (http://www.cavycages.com/options.htm#cagedoor---try) this site, it may help. Also if you look under the floortime site at cavycages.com(off of the cubes and coroplast site) you may find some more information, however it is more about easy access cleaning than doors but it does mention how large the opening should be I think. Good luck and I will keep my eyes open for any other information that may help!

11-06-02, 01:57 pm
oh my gosh im an idiot thanks i really scare my self sometimes. Thanks though i looked and it helped.

Laura & Buster

11-19-02, 11:59 am
I read on CG that coroplast should never be used for rabbit cages due to the danger of the rabbits chewing on and ingesting the coroplast, which can be fatal. www.caviesgalore.com/foru...genumber=2 (http://www.caviesgalore.com/forums/showthread.php?s=5eec202a000484494241fd7de8e80062&threadid=19356&pagenumber=2) (scroll down)

You can make great rabbit cages from cubes though. Most of the pics I've seen seem to use wood floors covered in towels or carpet.

Here's a link to a cubes rabbit cage with a guinea pig cage built into the top. members.aol.com/bunrabtoo/neatcubs.html (http://members.aol.com/bunrabtoo/neatcubs.html) Looks something like what you were thinking of doing. :)