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10-27-11, 02:05 pm
Hello, I have been fortunate enough to own any ottos piggies over the years. About 13 tobeexact.many rescues, ionly actually purchased 2. I recently heard about piggy that needed a home and he was in just perfect condition. That was6 days ago. I have noticed a little bit of crust on the fur around his right eye. He is happy, healthy appearance, eating very well. I use fleece in his cage. My issue is I have been trying to find a vet that can take a look at him but they all say they do not care for guinea pigs! What in the world is wrong with these vets! I am still making calls but I am very upset about this. One vet told me that she knows one 2 hours away!

10-27-11, 02:17 pm
Up at the top of this page, you will find a link that says, "Find Vets". I would check there. You can search on your zip code and find a cavy savvy vet in your area.

10-27-11, 02:45 pm
Do you have a guinea pig rescue in your area that you could call and ask about a vet?

10-27-11, 03:03 pm
Post the city that you're closest to, please, and we'll see if we can help you find a vet.

You're right that he needs a vet -- it sounds like an URI, and they can get pretty serious pretty quickly. It would be better to treat it before it's thoroughly entrenched.

10-27-11, 11:51 pm
I called the mspca this afternoon and they said there is a vet about 45 minutes away that actually specializes in birds and guinea pigs. I called the office but they were closed so tomorrow I will try again. I actually do know how to spell!!! After my post went up and I read it I must apologize....I was upset and never read it before I posted it! I am disturbed that all the vets I called said they would not see a guinea pig. All my guinea pigs over the years were very healthy. Only two of them were sick when they were given to me. Both saw vets back then but now do not do piggies. One girl told me that guinea pigs were nothing like cats and dogs and that is why they no longer see them!?!? This is very upsetting to me.

10-28-11, 12:06 am
I have been searching the Internet but have not found a rescue anywhere near here. I am not very computer savvy ( actually it has taken me all night to figure out how to see the replies to my post on this site) I have to say that it has spurred an interest in me to look into how to start a rescue. There are so many pigs advertised needing good homes....where do they go...poor little sweeties. Years ago my son told me of a classmate who did not want his guinea pig anymore but they couldn't find it a home. They called the pet shop and because it was 3 years old they would only sell it for snake food....needless to say we drove over and got the poor creature. What a terrible site...hardly any fur..ears FULL of stuff and I mean full. I had to use warm wet facecloths over and over to remove the crust. She had a case of mites. She received a series of 3 injections and all her hair grew back to reveal a gorgeous red girl my kids named Precious. She was with us about 4 years and truly blossomed. Getting my grandson this piggie has made me think of all the poor creatures who need rescueing.

10-28-11, 12:08 am
Sorry you're having to go though this. Please keep us updated on how he's doing.

10-28-11, 07:00 am
At least the girl in your vet's office got one thing right -- pigs are nothing like cats and dogs, and it's refreshing to find a vet who knows s/he's not qualified to treat them.

Could you post your nearest city so we can help you find a vet?

10-28-11, 07:57 am
I live in south Dennis, Massachusetts. The original vet I found was in Quincy, then I heard about a vet in Kingston that does birds and guinea pigs as her specialty. I will keep you informed. He still looks great as of this morning. He eats so well....he gets his veggies and a little fruit plus his regular pellets, vitamin c in his daily fresh water and Timothy hay. He goes thru lots of hay. He is so sweet and so vocal. Mr. Fluffy is such a sweetie, he had no crust on his eye this morning but he is going to be checked anyway. I am going to figure out how to post a picture so everyone can meet Mr. Fluffy! Thanks for your help.

10-28-11, 08:06 am
A Google search turns up the one in Kingston as the closest to you, and says they have two exotic vets on staff.

10-28-11, 09:15 am
He eats so well....he gets his veggies and a little fruit plus his regular pellets, vitamin c in his daily fresh water and Timothy hay.

You shouldn't need to put vitamin c drops in his water at all. He should get enough vitamin c from his veggies. Sometimes the vitamin c drops will taste bad to piggies and they'll drink less water which is no good.

Good luck with the vet & thank you for helping save some piggies!

10-28-11, 01:27 pm
Oh wow....thank you so much...I will definitely stop the drops in his water. Let me tell you the veggies we have introduced him to so far. I do not believe he received any at his other home. He gets string beans, carrots, romaine, and as for fruit only a little banana so far. We are going slow. Next will be cucumber. How does that sound?

10-28-11, 01:29 pm
The one in Kingston is the one I am going to go to...thank you so much!

10-28-11, 09:12 pm
I give my piggies green peppers pretty often, with the occasional yellow, red or orange pepper (high sugar so I limit it). Bananas are okay too in small amounts, my pigs LOVE bananas. Try slices of apples for a fruit treat too, just make sure you get all the seeds out because they can be poisonous. Usually I limit the romaine lettuce and give them red or green leaf lettuce and the occasional dandelion green.

There's a ton of info on this site about diet and nutrition. There's also vitamin c chews that Oxbow hay company makes for times of stress or when you want to make sure they're getting an extra boost. My pigs think they're treats which makes it easy to give it to them!