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Matt & Guins
05-14-05, 03:12 am
Hey all, was just reading a thread recently (the one about the ACBA president) which has an email between a non member being quoted/published on this website.

Just wondering if there is any guidelines for doing this? Is this allowed without the authors permission? voodoo wrote that it needs to be paraphrased - but isnt this the same as actually publishing the entire email?

The reason I am asking is that recently I have emailed someone in regards to them having a large number of pregnant sows for sale to the general public (on a website is for animal events and information, but also has a classifieds). This person is not a shelter/rescue, and basically has cavies from "pet" litters. Every time I seem to visit this website, this person seems to have new babies on there for sale. So frustrating.

Was just wanting to know exactly how I go about posting any of the information from these emails?