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10-23-11, 10:24 pm
Hi there everyone,
I am a new owner of a boy guinea pig that I named Charlie. I adopted him from a family that needed to get rid of him. He's awesome! I love his little squeaks and watching him popcorn during playtime! If anyone has any tips for keeping my little guy happy, that would be great!

10-23-11, 11:04 pm
Welcome! Would love to see a picture of Charlie! I have 2 boys and love watching them run around popcorning! The thing that will make him most happy is having a friend(same sex so you don't end up with a preagnant pig:o).
Boys do need some special care concerning the perineal sac, here's a link for you to check out: http://www.guinealynx.info/impaction.html#constipation sorry to be the bearer of that yucky piece of info:yuck:!

10-24-11, 08:18 am
Hey there,
I will try to get pics up soon. As far as another one goes, that will have to wait. My apt isn't big enough for the size cage that two need. I will be sure to keep an eye on his back end though. lol