View Full Version : help me slip it into discussion please!

05-13-05, 08:53 pm
hey, im becoming vegetarian, but i dont know how i will slip it in and tell my parents. my friends wouldnt care because they arnt ACCUALY my friends. so i just need to get it to my parents without it being just "hey mom, im a vegetarian now!" please help me!

05-14-05, 03:13 am
Well, firstly let me congratulate you! What sparked your decision?

How do you think your parents will take it? Some are strict and say that meat needs to be eaten. Some are lenient like mine, who thought I was doing a good thing.

Just sit them down and say you've been doing a lot of thinking. If you want, you can show them some PETA links and such and they you think it's cruel to eat meat. Hopefully they'll respect your decision. Say that you are willing to help out with the vegetarian meals too!

05-14-05, 06:58 am
what made me want to go vegetarian is when i went to this site. then i saw this part, and i saw that banner that sais, which do you pet and which do you eat. then how sick it would be to eat my guinea pig! SO EVIL!

05-14-05, 07:48 am
and my parents will just think im weird, they wont say i HAVE to eat meat

05-14-05, 10:19 am
Congrats!!! Well, I did just that. "I'm a vegetarian now." They thought it was a phase. I can proudly say that it has been seven months. I don't think it's a phase! I don't even remember the taste of meat and don't crave it at all. In fact, I'm much healthier than I ever was before. Waiting for my physical this summer to see how I'm doing with everything. They should respect your wishes, however, even if it does mean you're going to have to cook for yourself and everything.