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10-23-11, 03:36 pm
Hey guys! So I was a part of this forum last year I think, a while back, and I guess you could say I was pretty active though I doubt you guys really remember me. I had one guinea pig named oscar, who I loved, but passed away about 6 months ago. We think he died from a disease, as he had a considerably large sized lump on his side, but we couldnt aford vet care and he sadly passed away. Well, anyways, since then my mom got a job across the country, we had to pick up and move. We had to leave behind both my cat and one of my dogs who was too large to live in our rental house, and just a few months before moving my hamster died of old age who was about 3 years old. So we have been here a while, with just one dog, and my mom saw an ad online for ferrets.

I know this is a guinea pig forum, but I remember that some people kept ferrets and I was hoping to get some tips. I could not find a super active ferret forum where I could ask, so this was my best bet. We went to pick them up this morning not knowing too much about them, but my mom, who hates rodents, said she wanted them...?! So we went there to see a very good sized cage (2 stories and what looks to be 6 or 7 square feet per floor) and two cute little ferrets. They seem in good health, not very old, and very energetic. One girl, one boy who we have named Sid and Ellie (from the ice age :) ). I really just want some tips and information. When we got them they had no bedding, just the cage's floor (which is laminated wood or something...im not sure) so we put in some towels on one level, a fleece blanket on the other. We didnt pin them down, but im starting to think we should as Ellie has started to burrow under them. the previous owner had clay cat litter which we just went out and replaced with ferrit litter, and baught them a tunnel and little cozie bed as well as a new hammock, their old one was really nasty looking. What we heard of their background was that the owners who had them before the people we got them from had them had way too many animals. They bought everything for their daughter and had rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, and these ferrets. We do not know their age or how old they are, but they seem fairly young. Please just give me some advice as I am very very very knew to ferrets!

10-23-11, 04:49 pm
I don't know much about them either, but I do know this -- if you couldn't afford vet care for a guinea pig, then definitely don't get ferrets. They're very prone to adrenal disease, and their vet care is more expensive than that for guinea pigs.

10-23-11, 08:55 pm
I never had one but when I visted a friends neighbor they let us play with them outside of their cage and told us they back up into corners to pee so keep an eye on them.

10-24-11, 12:48 pm
The reason we could afford vet care was because my mom didnt have a job and my dad is a teacher, she got a job so now we can afford it. I do notice the corner thing, we have 4 litter boxes in the cage! Two on each level and in opposite corners. On the bottom we have a cozy bed in one other corner and food bowl/water bottle in the other. The second level is similar, with a hammock in one corner and food/water in the other. Though the food/water doesnt deter them as one pooped in the food dish on the top level and one pooped next to the food on the bottom...I have to think of some more ideas about that! Today Sid the boy and the obviously older one got loose and when I picked him up and looked at the cage, both doors were closed, so we figured out he squeezed through the door where it is slightly pulled away from the cage! Its only about half an inch wide and he managed to push it and squeeze out. We have learned that they really do fit anywhere their head can fit!

10-24-11, 03:04 pm
I use to have ferrets, 3 of them ! We named them after a favorite t.v. show called the "Odd Couple" Felix, Oscar, and Murray. I can attest to the fact, that they certainly are a lot of work! We had to suddenly move, for my husbands new job at that time, and we did not know where we were going to be living, or if they would accept ferrets. So we had no choice at the time, we had to re-home them, but thankfully we were fortunate that they could all stay together, for they were all very bonded by that point.

We only had them for about 18months, so we didn't notice any health issues yet, but I was very ignorant and stupid at the time and did not do my research. Here is a place you can learn more about the adrenal gland that bpatters mentioned, as well as about their care in other ways too. Here is the link below for you to click out.

Ferret Universe-Ferret Adrenal Disease (http://www.ferretuniverse.com/health/adrenal.asp)

Hope this helps !

P.S. By the way...I remember you ! :)

10-24-11, 04:00 pm
Haha yes, I do remember you too! I feel like its been forever! Thank you for the link. I have been reading up every night and for only having them 2 days I feel like I know quite a lot. With researching guinea pigs when I first got mine, I came here and I know forums are one of the best ways to learn about things. I will go check it out, and thank you again!