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05-13-05, 08:15 pm
i think im going to turn vegetarian. im 13 years old and i dont know how my parents will take it. they WONT make me eat meat, they arnt like that. but they dont agree with vegetarians. i think that they think their hippies. (rolls eyes) but anyway, meat has always been my FAVORITE food, but ive realised how bad and cruel it is so im going vegetarian. from now on, its NO MEAT AT ALL! i cant bear to eat dead mammels so from now on its fruits and vegetables.... wish me luck!

05-13-05, 08:16 pm
also id like to add that i just finished my first apple in about 3 months, this will surly do me good.

05-14-05, 03:22 am
It's not all fruit and veggies! There is loads of food you can eat - rice, pasta, hundreds of meat substitutes like quorn and soya.

05-14-05, 03:34 am
With these substitutes you can me lasagne, shepherds pie, chicken tikka masala etc

No no no, vegetariants aren't 'hippies'. Like I said in my other post just show them the cruelty and say you won't stand for it - http://www.londonpunks.co.uk/animalrights.htm

05-14-05, 06:39 am
yeah, i know its not just fruits and veggies, and no vegetarians ARNT hippies

.....EEEW that is really discusting stuff, especialy those blood sports or whatever egh

05-14-05, 07:54 am
so... this is the first full day of... this probly isnt a word... of vegetarianism he he he is that a word? anyway, i thought about how i eat, and im not sure this is going to be hard AT ALL because i never really ate meat often before, but this means no burgerking, heh heh heh i think im gonna like this, burgerking is discusting egh...

05-14-05, 08:08 am
http://www.herbivoreclothing.com/magazine.tab.cover.seven.jpg (http://www.herbivoreclothing.com/magazine.page.html) thats why they think vegetarians are hippies, lol things like that.

05-14-05, 10:27 am
I understand what you mean about being 'hippies'; However, ask around and you may be pleasantly surprised by people around you who are veg. I have, without really talking to them, made two more people realize the horrors of factory farming. One is veg now, and the other is convincing her parents. It's awesome! I also know one other girl in my grade who is veg, and I didn't even know that before! It's awesome. Sure, you're going to get crap (mostly from guys). Just be prepared to fight back.

05-14-05, 10:30 am
lol right now im eating morningstar farms corn dogs and buffalo wings meat substitute. i like it alot more than real meat, and its all veggies

05-14-05, 10:50 am
Ok, great! I love boca myself.

05-14-05, 10:57 am
i LOVE boca,has a taste that real meat doesnt have, also making it better.

05-14-05, 11:33 am
i just told my parents about being a vegetarian, this is how the conversation went

mom:(comes through the door) hey! i brought you home some kfc!

me: (i gagged)

mom: what? you dont like chicken?

me: no, not anymore

mom: what? are you like a vegetarian or somthing? come on!

me:accualy yes, i am.

mom: (aquard silence)

mom: (quietly) ohhhh.....

then she walked away, i think she was pretty embarrased.

but that was the first time ive ever refused KFC because i didnt know how bad it was before. and i used to LOVE it, although i cant remember how it tastes...

05-14-05, 01:42 pm
yep kfc was always the hardest food to turn down byt me l2 years later now finds it descusting. good for you at turning down the kfc it has turned many people back meat eaters (my so called friends) they lasted a WHOLE half an hour. cavy_upstairs well done

05-14-05, 04:02 pm
thanks :D i hope i can keep it up! im gonna accualy MAKE my lunch on monday instead of buying crap

05-14-05, 06:37 pm
heh our school has REALLY discusting food, week old food that somebody ealse had but didnt want, half frozen dripping with grease tater-tots stuff like that.