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10-19-11, 04:05 am
As promised, now that I have my new camera lead, photos of my baby girls.

First 2 were taken when they were about 10-11 weeks old. 3rd one was at about 17 weeks, they were in their playpen making a mess and being noisy, hehe. They don't seem to like the camera though, it's a big DSLR and beeps when it's finished focusing. The last photo is our cage progress, its a 5x2 with a 5x1 kitchen, though we have managed to get the railings at the top finished and a nice secure ramp that isn't going to take up tonnes of running space. Lots of cutting up cubes!





10-19-11, 04:17 am
Beautiful adorable girls!!

10-19-11, 05:47 am
They're adorable! I love the black one!

10-19-11, 09:06 am
Thank you, they are both sweet and right little characters, I love how they are so much different from each other. The black one is Nibbler and the white torty is Leila. :)

Leila is very timid and won't let anyone stroke her in the cage, but she'll come right up to you to be fed. When it comes to getting her out of the cage however, she just stands still and lets you lift her out without any fuss, as long as she being supported properly. When she's in the playpen, she's a livewire and likes to race and popcorn about.

Nibbler will happily come up to the edge of the cage to have a nosy at what you are doing, take food from you etc. She hates being picked up still, so we've taken to herding her into a chube, making sure she can't fall out of course, and taking her over to the playpen/my lap that way. She isn't quite as hyper as her sister when she's in there, she'll play and popcorn about, just not as madly, hehe. She's also taken a liking to her back being ruffled and stroked. When we first heard the noise she was making we thought she didn't like it, but soon found out that it was her purring (sounded very similar to rumblestrutting), and she starts stretching her back out while we do it, sometimes to the point that she plonks herself down.

I love watching them in their pen, especially when they are both playing, they seem to play what appears to be tag. So cute! :love: