View Full Version : Bunny discipline

Cavy Tamer
05-13-05, 12:49 am
I don't think my rabbit is afraid of me. He licks my hand a lot, and likes to be pet. Heck, he even "likes" to be held sometimes. (by that I mean he certainly allows it) BUt I just can't seem to get him to come to me, when I let him run around on the floor. Is there any way to get a rabbit to obey you and come to you, with having to corner him?

05-13-05, 03:22 am
In time a rabbit will learn his/her name. Rabbits are not dogs, they prefer to do their own things and not be told what to do.

05-13-05, 10:10 am
Our rabbit learned his name because we called him every time we gave him veggies, food, or treats. He runs over most of the time when we call his name; but if he doesn't want to, he won't.