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12-13-02, 12:12 pm

I am new to the board but not to guinea pig owning. I owned a male Aby for several months but unforunately when I moved to Memphis for a few months I had to find him a new home. I am now back in NC and ready to again to hear that sqeaking joy of a guinea pig!!!!!! My question is when I had Duece I kept him in a huge laundry tub and while he seemed to be fine with it but I see now that that wasn't appropiate so I want to make a C&C cage for the one I get next time. Where do I find the Cubes and Coroplast in Western North Carolina? Could someone send me a GOOD picture of a C&C cage so I could see what it is suppose to look like. Ive read all the instrusctions on how to put them together..but I can do one better if I look at it and then put it together.
Thanks for all the help.


12-13-02, 08:51 pm

Hi there! First, you should try this website, they have instructions, pictures, and also a listing of stores/websites/listing of local places updated by piggie people.

www.cavycages.com/ (http://www.cavycages.com/)

I myself made a C&C cage, and put pics up on the web - I put my cage in front of my fireplace so it rests half on/half off of the hearth. It is supported in front by grid "legs". I got my cubes from Fred Meyer and the coroplast from a local sign-making shop. Here are the links to my boys' cage:

amy.linif.org/leftcage.jpg (http://amy.linif.org/leftcage.jpg)

amy.linif.org/frontcage.jpg (http://amy.linif.org/frontcage.jpg)

amy.linif.org/right%20cage.jpg (http://amy.linif.org/right%20cage.jpg)

Good luck!
Amy & piggies