View Full Version : "Oldie is a Sweetie" - Queensland Times Newspaper in Ipswich Australia.

10-12-11, 07:13 am
Excited to see the Guinea Pigs in the news section as I just saw this in our paper the other day! lol

Oldie is a Sweetie | Ipswich News | Local News in Ipswich | Ipswich Queensland Times (http://www.qt.com.au/story/2011/10/01/oldie-is-a-sweetie/)

10-12-11, 10:14 am
Wow, I wonder how they can prove that he's that old. I don't know what "carbon dating" is but it's great that he's had a long life.

10-12-11, 10:33 am
Carbon dating is used for very ancient materials. Carbon decays at a steady rate, and they know how long it takes for it to lose half of its mass. They can use that to figure out an approximate age.

Applied to a guinea pig, it's a joke, as the half-life of carbon is over 5700 years.