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10-11-11, 11:05 am
My very close friend has a guinea pig whom she does not care for.She houses him in the smallest cage ever. Smaller than a 1x1.HE DOESNT GET ANY HAY.He is fed horrible quality pellets with the extra fatty bits and seeds.I often see his water bottle dry and the bottle is so dirty, it has green stuff on it.THEY DO NOT LIMIT VEGGIES and will simply give him a LOT so that he will stop wheeking.His bedding is very bad. It breaks down into small particles once peed on and is meant for horses.He doesnt even have a nice hidey. Its just a shoe box that is falling apart and sometimes falls on him.The piggie is depressed, as he drags his hidey box over to his food bowl sometimes- never coming out.He's obese, with "blubber" on his thighs.I have offered to buy and make the pig a cage, but whatever her mom says goes- and she hates the pig.I want to take the pig so badly.But my friend is so sensitive- if i tell her all of this she will rat it out to her parents and get me in trouble.What should i tell her?PLEASE HELP!Thanks x

10-11-11, 11:13 am
Why would it get you in trouble for telling her that she is not taking care of her pig? Sounds like the mother doesn't want it anyway and would be happy to have you take it.
Just offer to take the pig. If you can't take it, offer to take it to the closest shelter.

If you aren't willing to take a little heat from your friend, then I guess your only option is leave the pig there in that terrible environment....is that want you want? Take some action and walk the talk and get that pig!

And your friend can't be that "sensitive" if she's able to watch an animal suffer that much.

10-11-11, 11:16 am
Can you just ask for the pig? Or offer to buy it from her? Maybe you could make the offer in front of her mom, and get them into a discussion about your having the pig.

I'm sorry your friend is so sensitive, and that you think she'll be upset. You'll have to weigh the pros and cons of saying something, or leaving the pig to suffer in those conditions.

I hope someone else will have some suggestions.

10-11-11, 12:10 pm
Thanks! xx
i also dont have enough money to take him to the vet.
Any suggestions on that?
Im going to ask my mom today if i can ask them if i can have him. Any suggestions for convincing my friend to give him away? She loves him, shes just...stupid lol.

10-11-11, 01:09 pm
When i was a kid, we took a guinea pig from a situation very similar to that one. Of course what happened with us was my brother and I came home and cried to our mom about the situation and she called the girl's mother. The girl's mother also hated the guinea pig. Didn't like it at all. So when my mom offered to buy it for 20 bucks the girl's own mother packed the guinea pig up and brought it right over, like less than 10 minutes later he was there. That guinea pig lived 9 years in our house, happy as a lark. I was in third grade when we got him and I was a junior when he died. I think if he had been left in the bad situation, if my mother had not done the right thing, he would not have lasted another year or two. He was the sweetest guinea pig anyone could have ever asked for too. Just loved to be loved, that was Buddy.