View Full Version : What to put the cage on

12-14-02, 02:17 am
A few months ago I had built a C&C cage for my two boars which sat on an old kitchen table. Unfortunetly, I couldn't use the table anymore and had to put my boars back in their older, smaller cage. It's about the size of a 2x2 C&C. Don't flame me, I know it's much too small, and I'm trying to remedy it. I plan on building a cage similar to setera's, but I'm having a problem on finding something to rest it on. I just finished college and haven't found a job yet, so money is really tight. I could use a pair of sawhorses and plywood, but that isn't very attractive. I think that they're starting to get sick of seeing each other up close all the time, so the sooner I can fix this problem the better. So if anyone has any cheap ideas on how to keep the cage off the ground, my boars and I would greatly appreciate it!


12-15-02, 12:53 am
I bought a sheet of melamine (particle board covered with a formica like cover, about $20), had them cut it to size at Home Depot, then purchased 2 13inch x 18inch shelf brackets (made by Stanley $6 each). Mounted to studs in the wall. It's plenty strong enough to hold our piggies and their castle. Also have melamine edging to dress up the open edge. You may be able to pick up a scrap piece that will fit your needs at a lower price.