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10-09-11, 07:27 pm
So I'm not really new to the site but I haven't posted an introduction yet. So about a month ago I got Coco from a friend of mine. She was real quiet and shy. About a week later she was doing some wheeking (she now begs for food:)). I did get her a "friend" from the petstore. I did not quarantine her but separated the c&c. She died of a URI two days later. Luckily Coco did not get it :relieved:. So today I finally got her another friend off of craigslist. She is a light brown abby. So cute. We named her before we picked her up today, cinnamon. The real funny part is that when I meet with the lady she had her in one of the 2-pack cereal boxes of....cinnamon toast crunch!
We planned at meeting at the mall in which cinnamon was purchased. I've never been there so went early to look around. I went into the petstore that cinnamon once lived. I had to leave it was so sad. They had about 8 pigs in one cage (large enough for only 2 is my guess) with no hiding places. The rats and mice were crammed in 10 gallon tanks, I saw at least one rat that had mites or scabs all over her. :weepy:
I of course am quarantining her this time. But feel bad since she's in a pet store cage. But it's only temporary. She was wheeking like crazy once I put her in her cage. I think that she was looking for her friend from her previous home. But she seems way more outgoing then coco. She is eating and drinking like normal unlike coco did when she first came. I am worried about when it comes time for bonding. But I'll do the buddy bath.

10-09-11, 07:37 pm
Sadly, that happens all too often. Pigs at the petstore go unchecked for illness and are sold as is. We hear countless stories about how people brought pigs home from a petstore and shortly thereafter, the pig passes from a URI or other illness.

It's lucky that Coco didn't catch the URI that the other pig had. It's why quarantine has to be in a separate room and behind closed doors.

The buddy bath should be done only as a last resort rather than a measure of bonding. After the 21 days quarantine, put them in neutral territory and let them work it out. There's no reason to expect them not to get along. More often than not, the pigs at least tolerate each other. In some cases, there is major fighting and the pigs simply cannot get along but most times, it works out in the end.

Coco is very cute

10-09-11, 07:43 pm
Too cute! Coco matches her fleece:D. At first I could only see the pic of Coco, but now I see cinnamon and she's a cutie also! Don't stress about keeping her in the cage for the quarantine, it's better safe then sorry. They will be together soon enough.

10-09-11, 07:50 pm
Look at those cuties. I love the abbies, even though currently I don't have any, all my guinea pigs as a kid were abbies. =D

10-09-11, 08:12 pm
Coco is gorgeous! I love her coloring! And I love Cinnamons fur!!!

10-09-11, 08:18 pm
Very cute piggies-love the coloring of Cinnamon.

10-09-11, 08:27 pm
alright, I'll hold off on the buddy bath. I kn1ow I should have done the quarantine the first time around, I was lucky as was coco. thanks my piggies are pretty cute! aren't they all