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10-03-11, 03:43 pm
Here we are! Me and my little darling, Alfred!

I suppose when you see some place like this, you just can't resist joining, especially when you've got your wee piggie sitting up next to you!

So, thus, we have joined! Hoping to pick up a few tips about Cavies, considering Alfred is my first. We had another, Himalayan called Gilbert, but sadly he passed on a few months ago. So now, here we are!

I suppose I'm mainly looking for little home-made toy's for Alfred, or things he might like doing... I had a cardboard roll stuffed with hay and small peices of fruit and veg, but he doesn't seem wonderfully interested in it. He has a sort of, wooden log-walnut chew thing... (My best definition of it, you see.) But he doesn't bother his behind about that either! It seems like his main hobby is making a nest out of hay, moving his house around the cage and wheeking, and burrowing in my bed covers! He doesn't seem to be all that keen on climbing... I don't know what I'm going to to with him, but hopefully we'll find out on here!

There's the cheeky bugger there! (I still can't figure out what colour he is... I was going to say tortoise shell, but he hasn't got any white. Just black and very light ginger... I suppose if you put it into human terms, you could call him stawberry blonde! lol))

10-03-11, 03:52 pm
Welcome to the forum!

Let us suggest some reading to give you a lot of tips about cavies. Start with Guinea Pig Education, Care, Rescue and Adoption at Cavy Spirit (http://www.cavyspirit.com). Then come back here and read the stickies on the Diet and Nutrition forum, particularly the food chart, the food chart discussion, and sample menus. See the main page of this site (the Home button above) for cage suggestions. And then come back if you have more questions -- we'll be happy to help.

It's hard to tell in a picture that small, but he looks like he has roan coloring -- he's not a TSW (tortoise shell & white). We never advocate breeding, but it's particularly important never to breed roans because of the likelihood of lethal white pups being born. They are blind, deaf, and have severe tooth and intestinal problems during their shortened lives. If you'd like to see a heart-warming story about one incredibly cute lethal and the couple that own her, see www.fairymagic.me. (http://www.fairymagic.me/tag/fairy-magic-guinea-pig/) Most are born dead, die shortly after birth, or are euthanized because of the amount of care they require.

10-03-11, 03:56 pm
Ah, thank you very much! Seem's I'll have to get my reading glasses!

I know, I really should get a better picture, but I don't want to annoy him (and my family) seeing as it's rather late! ^^" I'll get him tommorow!

And don't worry! I'm not intending on letting him near the lady-sows, he'll just have to live with the cuddles and run-around's that he gets! Thanks for telling me though, it was interesting to find out!

10-03-11, 06:26 pm
Welcome! Alfred is a cutie! My herd says hello......

10-03-11, 09:16 pm
What a cute little guy!

10-07-11, 05:48 pm
Alfred is very handsome... since the passing of his cagemate are you thinking of getting him another friend?

10-08-11, 06:59 am
Thank you all!

Ah, I would love to get him one, but like I said, he's very dominant to even the most mellow guinea pigs. I'll need to find a shelter and see if we can match him up with someone! I'm not sure if there is a shelter close by, but I can still look!