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10-02-11, 10:30 am
Hello everyone! I'm new to the Guinea Pig Cages forum.
I'll tell you all a little about my guinea pig experience:
I had a single boar when I was 6, however, I wasn't nearly as educated about guinea pigs then as I am now. When I was 12 I had 2 hamsters, and now I'm nearly 15 and have currently 2 boars that don't get along just yet. :/
My family and I are moving soon, so I'll be able to build a better C&C cage (the 2 I have now are 2 by 2's, not big enough) and are one on top of the other. Hopefully they get along soon and I can build a larger, single, cage!
I've grown up my whole life with a love of animals, especially rodents! I'm looking to get an internship at a vet's office in the future as well.

Thanks for reading, I'm glad to be part of the forum.

10-07-11, 05:40 pm
Hello and Welcome!!

10-07-11, 10:23 pm
Glad you joined! Would love to see pictures of your piggies. I feel like Cookie Monster but instead of cookies it's "Me want piggie pictures!":p. Check out the info on buddy baths and introducing piggies. But defiantly don't try it until you have a larger cage.