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09-30-11, 02:13 pm
Hi guys.Im new here and I want to welcome my two pigs Flower and Firecracker. They are 2 years old and very active. I am always looking for new toy ideas,cage ideas,and more. I also have a question.My guinea pigs get lots of floor time but I don't have enough room for a C and C cage and they have a HUGE petstore cage. It is the biggest one I could find. Is keeping my pigs in this okay?

09-30-11, 02:36 pm
Welcome to the forum! We'd like to see pictures of Flower and Firecracker.

How big is their cage? Pet store cages in the US aren't usually large enough, but I understand that some in other countries are larger. You can take a look at the Home page of this site for more information on cage recommendations.

09-30-11, 04:42 pm
Welcome to the forum! You will find the answers to all your questions here. This forum is FULL of ideas for toys and pretty much everything else you need. I'd also like to see pictures of Flower and Firecracker.

09-30-11, 04:44 pm
Also, about the cage. Like bpatters said you can check the home page for more information on cage sizes. If you can find room for a C & C cage I would totally recommend it. They are great to clean and easy to make.

09-30-11, 06:13 pm
Firecrackers picture is up. My cage is a 20 by 40 and it looks HUGE.

09-30-11, 06:29 pm
A 20x40 is smaller than the size recommended for just one guinea pig. It would certainly be better if they had more room, but lots of floor time will help compensate for the lack of space. If you can post the dimensions of the space you have, as well as some pictures, we might be able to suggest ways that you could add more space.