View Full Version : Suggestions for warm piggies

The Magic Taco
05-11-05, 03:41 am
Hello. Yes. It's me.
I would like suggestions for keeping my piggies warm in winter. It's getting very cool in Brisbane and i have a cage cover but I think I need a bit of help.
Mango, Coco and Spencer would enjoy being a bit warmer.

Slap Maxwell
05-11-05, 08:47 pm
Do you have heat in your house? Try an electric radiator and hot water bottles wrapped in towels.

Matt & Guins
05-12-05, 01:58 am
If they have a small house inside their cage, this will aid in keeping them warm. Be sure it is large enough that everyone can fit in. Any body heat they "lose", will actually stay inside the little house and keep them toasty warm.


The Magic Taco
05-13-05, 03:25 am
what if one of them doesn't usually go in the cage? and
is it ok if they just eat heaps or is that bad for them? I'm trying to put them on a diet but they just eat and eat and eat!!!

Matt & Guins
05-18-05, 04:50 am
what if one of them doesn't usually go in the cage? Do you mean into the box/house? If they choose not to go in, then they cant be too cold! If they dont go in cause they dont want to be so close to the other cavy, then just put a 2nd box in.

Yes, cavies are animals which will try to eat 24/7 - its fine for them to do so, just be selective in what foods you have available for them.

05-18-05, 04:52 am
Add some cuddle cups in the cage, and make some pouches out of normal hand towels. A pig's favourite thing to do is eat! First tell us how much you feed, because a diet may be unhealthy for them!

05-20-05, 11:59 pm
Pigs should get no more than 1/8-1/4 cup pellets per pig per day, unlimited hay and water and 1 cup of veggies per pig per day. If the temperature in your home is between 65F-75F (not sure what it is in celcius) your pigs will be fine.

The Magic Taco
05-22-05, 11:51 pm
it's 15-25 in celsius.
That reminds me of a funny headline my brother told me about.
(seventies meaning degrees farrenheit).

06-01-05, 11:53 pm
I've bought some fake-fur fabric (it looks like someone skinned a wookie) and I'm planning on making a couple of pouches for my girls for winter. I got it from Lincraft, and it's pretty cheap, it cost about $30 and I'll be able to make 2-3 pouches out of it with lots of leftovers.

06-12-05, 06:35 pm
Exactly where are your pig's located (inside or outside) and what type of cage set up do you have?

The Magic Taco
06-13-05, 01:18 am
outside (half shade) and on two bricks
at night i cover them up though