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Cavy Tamer
05-11-05, 12:42 am
Do you think its realistic to expect my rabbit to eventually poop solely in the litter box? I would like him to not have to live in a cage. Basically, I want to let him have the option of a cage, but not absolutely need to be in there, if he doesn't want to. (I would leave the cage door open at all times)

Does anybody have a rabbit that is purely free range, like a cat?

05-11-05, 06:33 am
My rabbit was free range except when I was at work. I had him in his cage only when I wasn't home. I would never allow my rabbit to completely free range - it's dangerous. They could chew a wire, chew furniture, dig the carpet... there are too many things that a rabbit could get into to harm themselves or your belongings. If your cage is big enough for them to run around then you shouldn't need to free range a rabbit. If you are worried it isn't, try attaching a puppy exercise pen when you are not home so they have more running room. Here is a link to the exercise pen to show you what I mean: http://www.petco.com/product_info.asp?sku=2610708665&dept_id=%2D2. Exercise and decency of life are important, but so is the safety of our buns. I grew up with cats and wish the same thing, but their safety is more important to me.

I love my buns!

05-11-05, 07:22 am
My guy is great with his litter box however he will drop pellets around the house every now and then

05-11-05, 08:26 am
Cavy Tamer I thought you were going to move around alot so you were not going to get a rabbit?

Cavy Tamer
05-11-05, 12:00 pm
Cavy Tamer I thought you were going to move around alot so you were not going to get a rabbit?

That was only theoretical. In reality, I stay put.

05-11-05, 02:36 pm
My rabbit lives in our dining room full time. He does leave poopies around and is actually quite messy sometimes. The dining room is bunny proof and since he hates slick flooring, he never tries to escape.