View Full Version : my 2adult and 4 baby gps with pictures:):)

09-27-11, 02:03 am
hi guys! :)
i'm new to this forum...so...just want to say hi!
i used to have 2 guinea pig...obviously from my name "PIGGYandCHILLI"
so yea...my first guinea pig is PIGGY and than after 3 weeks i bought him a mate, which was CHILLI.
so. yea they are 2 happy guinea pigs!^^ :heart:
the black and white one is PIGGY...he is a Sheba mini yak...when i first bought him he's approx.1 year old for $10...but now he's priceless ><
chilli is the light brown one...she's a Abyssinian. she's14 weeks old when i brought her back home :o

so [email protected]@ chilli is a girl so she got pregnant! she gave birth to 4 healthy piggies on the 26th September,2011, at 10:45 am. we were all shocked cuz we thought that guinea pigs usually give birth at midnight or like at night...but she gave birth at the morning! also, we never thought that there will be 4 babies...cuz usually for the 1st lit there will be 1-3 babies...the last baby was the surprise one :eek:

these are the 4 babies:) from the left starts the first baby:yuck: the black and white one is the surprise one because we thought that after the 3rd one that's all she got but we were all wrong! and here she(or he=.=) comes...she seems not moving a lot when she just came but then everything was alright...she's now the loudest squeaker!:heart:
this is the second one...he has a little heart shape on his but...yea not really that clear but still you can see it :) it's really cute...

yea that's all i can share now...so thanks for watching it! :silly: :silly:

09-27-11, 05:13 am
Such beautiful pigs!! The babies are just adorable! There is nothing cuter on this earth than a baby GP.! So glad all went well and everyone is doing fine. Great pictures!

09-27-11, 05:27 am
Aww...those are such sweet little piggies!

09-27-11, 06:54 am
Welcome! Such cute pics of all of them! I just love the heart on the bum :)
I assume you have the adults separated now ;) The female can get pregnant immediately if not.

09-27-11, 07:05 am
Cute pigs!

But if you're deliberately breeding them, please do not do that. Breeding is hard on sows, and the mortality rate for both moms and pups is unacceptably high. Also, if you left an unneutered male in with her when she was giving birth, she is likely pregnant again -- they can get pregnant within hours of giving birth. That's called back breeding, and is incredibly hard on the sows. Also, be sure to separate any male babies from the mom at 21 days of age, or they can impregnate her if she isn't already.

There are thousands of unwanted guinea pigs who need homes. Please don't add to that problem by breeding more.