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09-26-11, 06:09 am
:D Hi! My codename is CarpeCavia. I've had pet cavies since about age 8 and been rescuing shelter pigs since graduating college in 2003.
:heart: Theodore came from the Cranston Animal shelter in Oct 2010. He was originally named "Cupcake" and although his personality is indeed that of a pint-sized pastry, his name was changed to be a little more masculine. He is very mellow and friendly - I wonder if he grew up in a library?
:cool: Fred came from the RISPCA in July 2011. I also call him "Mouse" sometimes as a nickname because his face is all-back, his nose is pointy and smallish, and he was so very shy when I brought him home. He is now coming out of his shell and in fact sings the loudest for his breakfast vegetables.
:weepy: Wilbur is my problem piglet. He also came from RISPCA in July 2011 with the name "Snowball." He was renamed after the white pig with pink ears in the children's story Charlotte's Web. I noticed that his urine was an alarming shade of watermelon pink the day after he came home from the rescue society and that he struggled and cried to eliminate. Within a week he was scheduled for bladder surgery to remove a stone that had formed inside of him. Thanks to a knowledgeable vet, Dr. Murdock, he survived the procedure and his fur is starting to grow back on his belly.

09-26-11, 06:50 am
Welcome to the forum, and congratulations on your rescues. We'd surely love to see pictures.

If you haven't already, you should do some investigation of the effect of diet on kidney stones. A good place to start is the stickies on the Diet and Nutrition thread on these forums. Some owners have notice a high incidence of sludge/stones in some pigs when feeding romaine lettuce, others when feeding Oxbow pellets. Other pigs do just fine on those things, so there's undoubtedly some other dietary/genetic/unknown component going on. Just watch Wilbur for sludgy/powdery urine deposits, and adjust his diet accordingly.

09-26-11, 10:42 am
Welcome! Can't wait to see pics of your little guys!

09-27-11, 05:28 am
Thanks for the info bpatters! I'll have to check out those threads and wow I never heard about romaine being a problem.
Unfortunately I don't know what he's was eating before I adopted him- maybe he was given alfafa or high oxalic foods like kale and beet greens? Still waiting to hear the stone composition analysis from the lab...
For staples, I feed them on Kaytee Timothy pellets, Sweet Meadow timothy hay, and oasis liquid vitamins c and multi-vit. I've read small amounts of apple and beetroot regularly are good to acidify urine and dissolve the sludge (source: Diseases of Domestic Guinea Pigs by V.C.G. Richardson). Bell peppers are also a favorite. I've even tried giving small amounts = 1 ml per serving of 50:50 diluted pure (not juice cocktail:sick:) cranberry juice after his surgery to discourage sludgy buildup.

09-27-11, 06:03 am
I'm looking to sell a 3 foot by 5 foot by 6 inch coroplast box with custom made washable fleece liner. I ordered it from piggybedspreads.com but only used it 2-3 times. As soon as I adopted Wilbur he needed surgery right away to remove a painful bladder stone. He's recovered nicely but i'd like to sell the extra playpen to help cover the expense. The liner is well-made of quilted fleece in puzzle and royal blue sidewalls, an absorbant layer, and a waterproof layer. I only have the coroplast tray and liner, not selling any cubes or wire enclosure - you'll have to buy or make that on your own please. Asking 100 USD OBO. Local delivery/pickup ok in southern New England ... not sure if it could be shipped further away?