View Full Version : Guinea pigs for adoption - Long Beach, CA

05-10-05, 02:57 pm
My life is getting more and more hectic and I no longer have the time I need to play with my piggies. I hate to see them not get the attention they deserve, especially now that the sow had a litter.

Originally had two which we thought were both sows (pet store). The sow later got pregnant and had two, although one died. A boar lived and is now 2 months old. I only learned that the sows go in estrus right after birth a day later when I promptly seperated her from the boar. She was pregnant again and just had a litter of 5 two days ago. Dont know the sex of them yet just yet since they're so young. In a couple weeks I should know the sex, once I do the boars and sows will be seperated to prevent any further pregnancy.

They have all been very well cared full. They get romaine lettuce, bell peppers, pellets, and grass everyday with the occasional carrot or fruit and daily exercise.

Contact me for more information or pictures! And I did already post on cavyrescue, craigslist, and petfinder. :)