View Full Version : Cavy Slave Wanna-Be Alert!

09-24-11, 10:52 am
I want a guinea pig more than anything right now. I've found the cubes, connectors, and chloroplast for the 2x4 cage i plan on making! I've even found the exact little girl I want! Now if i could get my dad to say yes...Ad least he hasn't said no yet! :)

09-24-11, 11:05 am
Welcome to the forum! Please adopt your piggy from a rescue, shelter, or another person rather than buying from a petstore. Petstore pigs are usually bred in horrible conditions, and may come with mites, lice, or other illnesses. And there are thousands of pigs in this country that need good homes -- please don't buy one and contribute to the homlessness problem.

09-24-11, 11:20 am
I'm only allowed to have 1 if my dad says yes and the closest rescue to me only gives them out in pairs. I'm going to try looking at the local humane society again but last time I went they only had rabbits. So my best bet is to find one that doesn't like other guinea pigs at the humane society.

09-24-11, 11:32 am
Good luck. Also take a look on Craigslist to see if someone has just one they can no longer keep.

09-24-11, 11:35 am
You could try your local paper or craig's list as well. People are often trying to re-home guinea pigs after impulse buys are no longer fun and growing children lose their interest.

09-24-11, 11:53 am
I forgot about that.... thanks!

09-24-11, 02:18 pm
You could also try asking around your friends at school. Even if you know none of them have guinea pigs to give you, they might have cousins/friends/teammates who are trying to rehome pigs. You could also ask the rescue and humane society if they know of anyone who does give out single pigs or is looking to rehome one. An exotics vet's office might be a place to call, too. Make sure you have your dad's permission before contacting anyone through Craigslist.

I'm glad you're doing this legwork now, because once your dad says yes, you won't want to wait around and it will be very tempting to buy from a pet store!

09-24-11, 02:28 pm
You can check the bulletin boards are pet stores and grocery stores as well. People often put up adds there.