View Full Version : Looking to adopt in NE Texas

05-10-05, 11:00 am
Have you checked the usual sites and the nearby shelters?

www.petfinder.com (http://www.petfinder.com/) (classifieds too)
www.craigslist.org (http://www.craigslist.org/)
www.petharbor.com (http://www.petharbor.com/)
www.cavyrescue.com (http://www.cavyrescue.com/) (classifieds)
www.guinealynx.info (http://www.guinealynx.info) placement forum
www.gpan.net (http://www.gpan.net/)

05-10-05, 12:08 pm
Thanks for the links. I checked them all out but couldnt find any pigs available close to my area except at Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig Rescue (although they are still a few hours away). I may end up getting some from them if I cant locate a local breeder.

Thanks again for your help!!

05-10-05, 12:11 pm
I wouldn't go to a breeder. What city are you in?

05-10-05, 12:20 pm
I am around Longview area (Gilmer).

05-11-05, 07:48 pm
There are six 2/3 month old piggies at the Houston SPCA right now. Their website doesn't say much about them but here's a link (they are at the bottom):


I'm tempted to go adopt a pair, but I know I can't right now because I'm in college and I'm going to be living in the dorms again next year :( Maybe someone here can take them home!

05-12-05, 07:12 am
Houston is a lonnng way from where I live. The Texas Guinea Pig Rustlers isnt quite as far (about 2 1/2 hrs away) so I might check their pigs out that are up for adoption soon.