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09-23-11, 06:29 am
Hi there, just call me Chu. I am new to the forum. I have two male guinea pigs.
Their names are ChuChu and Charlie. I am investing in a C&C cage for them since right now their living arrangement is not the best the for them.

09-23-11, 06:41 am
Hello and Welcome to the forum!

There is all kinds of great information here so be sure to look around. We would love to see pictures of your guinea pigs!

09-24-11, 01:56 am
Welcome to the forum! Would love to hear more about Chuchu and Charlie. Great names.
Love pictures too.

09-25-11, 03:07 am
Ok here is one pic of them. I'll have to take some better ones soon.
Charlie is the orangey one in the back and ChuChu is the lil guy in the front.
I've also had four girl guineas but sadly they have passed on. If you'd like to see pics of them let me know.

09-25-11, 03:25 am
Your piggies are so cute! Please post pics of your girls. I'm sure that others would like to see them even if they have crossed the rainbow bridge.

09-25-11, 03:53 am
Ok here are my girls.
My first guinea pig's name was Foxy Cleopatra. I thought I had a pic of her in on my computer but I don't.I have pics of her, I'll just have to scan them.

My next little well she wasn't not so little was Pashamina.

Next up was Minako or Mina for short.

And last but not least was shy lil Mochi or Momo for short.

I miss them all.

09-25-11, 05:20 am
They were so beautiful! I'm sorry for your loss. Am I being too forward when I ask, what did they pass from?

09-25-11, 05:56 am
I'm veryu sorry for you losses, your girls were adorable. ChuChu and Charlie are cute too!

09-25-11, 08:39 am
What lovely ladies they were.

09-25-11, 08:41 am
No you're not being too forward, I don't mind talking about it. Foxy I think most likely died of old age. With Pashamina I think she had a ovarian cyst, not sure if that could of tribute to her passing. With Mina I don't really know what happened she was fine,but then she started having seizures non stop till she died. That was really hard seeing. I felt so helpless and it happened during the night so I couldn't even get her to a vet. Momo just died of old age. I miss them but I'll always remember all the memories we shared together.

09-25-11, 12:11 pm
They were really adorable piggies. A friend of mine doesn't want pets because she gets upset when they pass away. What she doesn't realize is that while we have them they give us innumerable amount of joy and memories to last a lifetime! They make us more human and more humane. We become better people because we care for them and they live better because of us. May they rest in peace.